Causes of soldier casualties

All that on the budget we're working with? Dream on.
brewmeister said:
All that on the budget we're working with? Dream on.
Who knows? Maybe a government that will give taxpayers value for money will come along and sweep away all of Labour's horribly inefficient, corrupt bureaucracy with "fingers in everything but aptitude at nothing". As well as stop spending billions bailing out Northern Rock whilst giving the workers there (taxpayer-funded) bonuses and above-inflation pay rises.

Until then, it doesn't hurt to dream, does it? :wink:
who are you?

You should look at yank R+D not the brritish equivalent.

MOD are developing a lightweight, compact personal weapon with minimal logistical requirements

It may blow the defence budget though

Early trials with the (stick, sharp and sh+tty) for poking insurgent eyes with are favourable.

However when its eventual production is contracted out to ikea and materials costed down to MDF I fear that it will loose both its temperate and jungle capabilities
nomdeplume said:
Hi everyone,

I'm very interested in how scientists/engineers can help to improve the survivability of our soldiers and reduce injuries. I do actually enjoy pondering stuff like this in my free time [/size]:D .
You need help!!
Wow nomdeplume, you da man!
Do you have any solutions for knitted cuff chaffing or chronic tagnuts?
Mongoose said:
I'd say in light of yesterdays events this is in very poor taste you cnut.
I do apologise if I've inadvertently caused offence. It is not my intention to do so.

I can assure you this is not idle dreaming and I am quite capable of producing research that makes a difference in reducing casualties. E.g. see:

*Link removed*
Hi nomdeplume,

In asymmetric-type warfare like you see in Iraq/Afghanistan, the acidity of seagull sh1t has proven a serious concern. In fact, recent research has proven that seagull excretions, and especially coming from seagulls that have been fed on McMeals, contain a very high level of a certain acid previously unknown to science. This startling discovery has led to many others, including that seagull excrements contribute to the thinning or steel armour, due to the acidity contained in said sh1t. Therefore, cutting-edge science is now looking for a seagull-sh1t-shield to equip most armoured vehicles currently assymetrically deployed in theatres such as Iraq/Afghanistan. If you want to make a contribution to science, I suggest that this becomes your main area of research.
Dear Thinker, Have you thought about the benefits of Tital Repelant Armour. It based around the Co-efficient of the Linear Expansion of Steel when opposed to High Impact Penetating Projectiles, interupted by De-matrisised Neo blockers, these in turn may be influenced by Muon reactive partices, bi-polarised with randomly excited pregenerative card coated carbon threaded beams, corugated with lamelar sheets of prefabricated layout recovered neo waldo,s. Initial development should take about 50 years, but you seem to have plenty of time.

Thompson!.......Mop my brow will you.
In asymmetric-type warfare like you see in Iraq/Afghanistan, what is the primary source of injury and death for soldiers? Is it IED heat & blast & fragments, shaped charge jets penetrating light vehicles' armour, AP sniper rounds, RPGs, assault rifle shots, etc...?
No. I think you'll find it's called The Government

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