Caught on Camera: Western Troops on Ground in Libya

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Afghan_Kandak, May 31, 2011.

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  1. Caught on Camera: Western Troops on Ground in Libya

    Troops Believed to Be British, Are Violating UN Ban

    by Jason Ditz, May 30, 2011

    The United Nations resolution calling for a no-fly zone was a useful pretext for the Western air war against Libya, but it came with one very specific restriction: absolutely no ground troops were to be allowed in the country.

    So imagine the surprise of the six western soldiers in Misrata who were talking to rebel fighters only to discover that they were being broadcast worldwide on al-Jazeera. The six are believed to be British soldiers, and the front-line reporter said they may be helping to plan helicopter attacks.

    Spotting the cameras, the six quickly scrambled from view, but the damage was done, and it could wind up being the second major embarrassment for Britain in this war. The first, of course, was when a group of SAS soldiers escorting a diplomat bumbled into the outskirts of Benghazi to meet with the rebels, and were immediately taken prisoner.

    This case might be more serious internationally, however. The UN Security Council was very clear about “no ground troops” and these are most assuredly ground troops. Though NATO has had little problem in spreading the definition of a no-fly zone to fit their interests, the new revelation could do massive damage to the war’s already floundering international credibility.

    Caught on Camera: Western Troops on Ground in Libya -- News from
  2. It would be a great thing for the US to start shifting the Jihadis from Afghanistan to Libya. Maybe it would be worth fighting since we dont have any oil. LOL!
  3. A bit pointless without seeing the piccies?
  4. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    AK by **** your a self indulgent little shit, and your posts are drivel. Off you go there,s a good chap.
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  5. saw the footage on the guardian website and still wondering what the fuss is all about.

    SAS and MI6 bods have been there since before the bombing began.
    the french even openly admit they have commandos there picking out targets to bomb.

    they may be "boots on the ground" but 20 pairs of boots are hardly an occupational force.

    clutching at straws.
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  6. That's brilliant that is. A story about photographs taken of British soldiers with no pictures of British soldiers.
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  7. "The six are believed to be British soldiers"
    From the article.Clear evidence indeed.
  8. Have you lost the ability to click a link with your head dobber or something?
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  9. What's your point A_K? Weeks ago it was understood that NATO were sending in Advisors, 6 men do not make an Army! (even the SAS has its' limitations : )
  10. OMG WHITE PEOPLE! Well, they MUST be British.
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  11. yep, sounds like an unbiased legit source to me...must be millions of Imperialist infidels occupying the country
  12. I'm surprised that the operators didn't have a chat with the camera crew (who were all Brits BTW). - If they knew they had been filmed and the circumstances were sensitive they could have asked for the media to be deleted. I have been asked in the past and have complied. I'm sure Al Jazeera (English) would have done the same.

    This was an edited package not a live report so a 'fix' could have gone in before broadcast.
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  13. Pararegtom

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