Caubeen and how to shape one???

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by dundeeulster, Sep 14, 2008.

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  1. Hello chaps, recently received an unissued Caubeen and I am struggling to shape it to the standard I'm looking for!Having only recently transferred and not actually taken up my posting with the new unit there isn't anybody I can ask for advice/tips etc..

    thanks Scotty
  2. Thought Caubeen had died? Only to find some sicko wants to wear him as a hat :omfg:
  3. yeah thought I had found the answers to my prayers on ARRSEpedia but discovered to my horror that it was some Walt from Inst!!(Regent House forever)
  4. Shape it around your knee once soaked. Avoid making it look like a pirates hat. Aim to have the rear of the caubeen tapered in similar looking to a ducks tail.
  5. so to shape into like a 'V' at the back?like what the Scots DG beret looks like?also i've heard some guys fold theirs on the inside to make look a lot smoother and smarter?
  6. I was always uner the impression that no Caubeen was ever shaped, base on my observations of 2 R I RISH in Lemgo.
  7. Take it out of the box, put it on and pull the side down slightly. You can then go through life being mistaken for a senior officer on a regular basis. To complete the look ensure you only wear an issued hackle and never a plume.
  8. haha its for those very valid reasons I want it to look well and not to advertise myself as a tool, even though that may very well be the case in reality.

    p.s if anybody would rather a PM would be awesome thanks in advance....
  9. I'll leave that Inst bashing at the door and help out a fellow 2 R IRISH member.

    1. Find the front of the caubeen, ie where the flap is on the insde find the centre of it and decide where the capbadge should be put a safety pin in here (this stops you shaping it only to find that its the wrong way round.)

    2. get a basin/sink full of HOT water, as hot as your hands can stand preferably

    3. Dunk your caubeen into it and let it soak up the water. Wring it out a few times and resoak and generally get it malleable. Scrunch it up and beat it and just soak up the water which should turn green as the dye runs. You can repeat this step a couple of times, using fresh water if you want.

    4.Wring it out one final time and open it out.

    5. Place it on your knee like a hat (capbadge part facing up and sitting over the kneecap) and bash it over your knee. The left side, as you look at it, should become flat (the "excess material" is here) with the right side raised up.

    6. Fold the excess material back on itself inside and then place it back on your knee and bash it again.

    7. Put the thing on your head and fine tune the beast. Bear in mind the badge should be just to the LEFT of your LEFT eye. NOT over your left ear. NOT in the centre of your head and certainly NOT behind you head, as I saw one disrespectful cadet wearing his like a robin hood hat.

    8. Allow to dry slowly (bear in mind it WILL shrink).

    9. Fit hackle and cap badge.

    10. Wear with pride- there is over 300 years of history in that peasant's hat!

    Remember to beat it a few times on your knee now and again to retain the shape. and a good tip to keep the hackle from falling down is to safety pin it in place as well as bending it around the cap badge pin.

    Wikipedia the word "caubeen" and you'll see various forms of dress within the RIR and that will give you an impression of what you are aiming for. I like to think of the caubeen as, although being a formal part of dress, very personal as no ones is EXACTLY the same so don't be scared that yours doesn't look like your mate's. As long as it looks decent, and you wear it with pride and honour you'll be fine.

    Good luck

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  10. you Sir are a Gentleman but seriously much appreciated and with regards to the Inst bashing it could be worse you could have went to Campbell or BGS!!!

    cheers Scotty
  11. Haha , very true!
  12. Over your right eye??? Gadzooks man!! is this chap going to the London Irish??? I assume by his location he's R.Irish and should have the hideous new badge on the left :) but the rest of the destruction's are spotty dog :)

  13. Seconded!
  14. Still prefer the beret :wink:

    The caubeen is annoying to shape, another tip could be getting one of your mates caubeen's and check how he done.
  15. Very true my mistake i was visualizing looking at the thing. it should be just to the LEFT of your LEFT eye.

    I will edit original post!

    Thanks for pointing it out :p.