Cattle Horn

This seems like the best forum to post on; I have a polled cattle horn six inches or so, maybe three wide at the base.
It is still spotted with food stain,(I worked in a slaughter house) I've had it for several years as a souvenir, but would like to polish it up a bit, to look nice.

Would fine grade wet and dry work?

Any advice would be appreciated.

You can see why the NAAFI Bar was out of the question; 'Six inch horn needs polishing.'

This is a serious question, not a wind up. Thanks.

I have seen them used as the basis of snuff boxes.
I have no idea but will watch with interest for responses as I have a large hippo tooth that needs to be made into something.
No, don't work horn wet, it absorbs water and softens, you won't get a good finish. Use a calico buffing wheel with just a trace of fine grade buffing compound, as it it were soft metal,aluminium or similar. Top tip, do it when herself is out, it ******* stinks.

I get large horns from the local slaughterman and make red deer calls and drinking horns from time to time.
What cernunnos said: Use varying grades of abrasive paper to smooth and shape the horn. Then complete the task with a buffing wheel and buffing compound. For a final polish I use renaissance wax.

I use the above method when using reindeer antler on knife handles and if you are keen on working on horn then you can get the buffing compound etc from knife making suppliers. I use or for most of my supplies.

Good luck,


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Thanks for the info, I'll let you know how I get on.

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