Discussion in 'Infantry' started by bell559, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    Just a quick thought ...
    Do the rooms for pple on basic training have mains power plug sockets to each bed?

    Was thinking of getting a radio alarm clock (normally use phone to wake me up) but the ones i have my eye on are all powered from mains.
  2. Depends which block you're in some do and some don't
  3. its just a guess but if you are in basic you will not need an alarm clock, you will have been up cleaning kit and stuff anyway. Even if you manage to sleep there is a training screw who will gently wake you with a cuppa and a muffin just before he/she drags your bed on to the floor and empties your locker out of the window. Or am i showing my age.
    Sayings like, hands off cocks on socks & wakey wakey rise and shiney youve had your sleep now i want mineee ( BOS, Celle, 3 RGJ sometime in the early 80's made me chuckle all day).
  4. if i am at southend but going to middlesbrough 160 miles away do i have to start the process over again, ive jus given my afco my medical questionaire back jus so u know wot stage im at thanks.
  5. Every bedspace has a socket.
    In the new blocks you have two to every one, very swanky indeed.
  6. Electricity?

    You're heading to the arrse end of Yorkshire mate, you'd be better off taking a cockerel :D
  7. just because they put the sockets in doesn't mean they are attached to the mains!