Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Mackem1985, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. Anybody at Catterick in the rifles give me the who to watch out for and any tricks they pull on new recruits? Just so i got a headsup ready for next week. cheers 8)
  2. As was said to me when I asked a similar question many moons ago:

    Why should you have a heads-up? Enjoy it, and take it like a man. :wink:

    (Point: not been to Catterick, so couldn't comment on it specifically)
  3. Cheers mate, i can take everything thrown at me and my sense of humour is alright so it should be ok

    Iv been told to shut up for the first 6 weeks and just speak when i'm spoken to so might just go with that lol
  4. Sounds like you'll go far! :D
  5. Sounds like a plan i tend to do the same why put the spotlight on your self, you'll probably have a few mongs in your group anyway that always helps for abit!

    Blend in ;)

    (Not been to Catterick either tho.)
  6. 6weeks???

    Heres some advice for life. Eyes and ears open mouth shut!!!
  7. Greyman! Just work hard and it will be noted.
  8. Don't put your hand up if they ask if any one can ride a motorbike and don't volunteer for anything.
  9. Don't claim to be an ex member of the Foreign Legion when you were in-fact a bod in the Army cadets. Keep your mouth shut however ask questions if unsure, not bone ones though and work hard on every lesson from skill at arms to area cleaning, your being @@ all the time. Apart from that unless you fail your weapons test and are unsafe on the field firing phase you will be heading to one of the sandpit's in the near future. Best of luck and keep the head down.
  10. Im off to catterick soon, the best advice i've recieved so far is from my uncle who used to be a royal marine and it was

    "be the grey man, don't draw attention to yourself and crack on, do what they say even if it sounds like bullsh*t"

    that sounds like a good idea to me
  11. Make sure you turn up slightly late for things, it annoyes the DS if you are too keen.

    Also, make a point of disagreeing with your DS over the best way to conduct a section attack, if you have some paintballing/air soft experience, use this to illustrate your point. You'll be earmarked as having a flare for tactics and possible early promotion.
  12. lol I'll remember that hahaha
  13. all that and call him a poof :lol:
  14. Oh yes, and that. I was in training when they legalised shirt lifting. My Platoon Sgt was a dyed in the wool Gaurdsman and it was all a bit of a shock for him. Over night we turned a notice board into a 'gay pride' wall with pictures of blokes cut out of magazines plastered all over it. I think a couple of guys wwalked past his office holding hands too. Poor guy nearly had a fit, didn't know what to do!