Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by oldnbold_fullscrew, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. soon to be moving to sunny catterick does anyone know any 5 bedroomed quater areas
  2. Catterick is a great place and the standard of housing is great,there have been a lot of new houses built in the last 10yrs.I know there was 4 bedroomed house but dont think there was any 5 bedroomed within the garrison but dont quote me.ive been away from catterick for 6yrs and i know in that time they have built a lot more houses.

    I loved catterick and have lived there twice,the standard of schools is great especially le cateau junior school.

    Shopping is great with Richmond a short bus ride away if the garrison doesnt provide what you require.

    It has to be the best place ive ever lived and would love to settle around there on a permanent basis in the future sometime:)
  3. Mentalist!!
  4. catterick is shite
  5. The case for the defence....

    My local serves Sam Smith's Old Brewery Bitter @ £1.25 a pint.

    The defence rests.