Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stevie_The_pioneer, May 2, 2006.

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  1. okay guys i have been cleared as FTA by doc

    i am now asking an honest question and would like some sensible replys no baiting

    does any one have any serious addvise for me going down to catterick on friday even the tiniest bit of advice could help

  2. Hmmmm

    Enjoy it !
  3. Don't get pissed on the journey down!

    Starting a course with a hangover is not a good thing.
  4. Make sure your admin is 100% in the field ex. Monging it is seen as fatal.
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Work hard at everything you do. Now, here is the hard bit for you......

    When you get there....SHUT THE FCUK UP!

    The staff have no interest in you, your gammy leg, your discipline problems, your desire to be a pioneer, or your ban from the NAAFI.

    You are one individual on a course they will be running several times this year. They are only interested in whether you pass or fail the tests, and how hard you work. If you shut up and work your arrse off you may just pass. If you spend every waking moment talking shite to the staff, and reeling off your list of excuses you will be pinged within minutes and life will become very hard for you.

    Good luck!
  6. Haha, nearly 20 years ago I got bladdered along with 3 others on the train up to Catterick :D .
    Arrived 3 hours late as we got the wrong bus from the train station and the cadre Cpls were furious :( . Hangover during 5.45am PT was not fun the following morning though... 8O

    You have been warned :wink:
  7. As above, shut up and work hard. I'd also advise against taking the piss out of any of the DS' accents...... :lol:

    To be honest though, there isn't a lot to say; just turn up and work hard, and keep on top of your admin. Unless you are a total retard or a physical biff, I don't really see how you can fail the course, just do what you are told when you are told, you aren't required to do anything particularly demanding.
  8. Work hard , work as hard as you can , be 5 minutes early for everything. When the cadre Cpls want a joke and a laugh with you, they will tell you, not before. Even if your fitness is not all it should be , give it 150% . You may spend a lot of time puking , but the DS will see you've put the effort in.

    Don't be jack , especially on the defence phase. It'll be cold and wet , throw yourself into every task, believe me the DS will at some point say "You , go and have a fag and chill out" because you're working. Don't backchat the DS , he's a qualified Soldier, you are not. He is what you aspire to be.

    Don't ask questions for the sake of it , if you have a genuine question , don't be afraid to ask.

    Always be ready for a move , and make sure you're not still scrabbling about trying to pack all your drums and monkeys on a bug-out , so only unpack what you need, and put everything else back in your webbing/Bergan. Be seen to be field-cleaning your weapon whenever you have time to on the exercise phase.

    If you have problems on the CFT , just keep bloody going till you're pulled out if needed. Remember the 150% rule. Don't moan going on stag , Don't wear your benny hat under your Kevlar , it's "gay and very TA" . Always keep your boots on if you get into your gonk bag . I ended up screaming at an oppo from the LI, because he'd taken his fcuking boots off to kip, just when we got bumped hard.

    If you have to change your socks , one boot at a time , so you can always hop away :)

    Top Tip : If you're in a "not quite ready to" phase, and you want another 5 minutes for a fag or whatever , just ask your DS "What was it like in the Gulf1/Gulf II/ Sierra Leone/ Bosnia/ Kosovo (Sorry Gary W). It's worth at least 6 valuable minutes :D Above all work hard, work as hard as you can , you will be hard pushed to feel more proud than you will be on that final parade.

    And remember , the standard reply to the inspecting General or other red-tabber's question "Which bit did you enjoy the most" is

    "The exercise phase Sir , because it's like real soldiering is , innit"

    This will earn you a smile and a "well-done" from the red-tabber , a smiling nod from the PC , a despairing glance from the PS and a hastily whispered (but smiling) "You arrse-kissing tosser" from the Section Commander.

    Sorry Gary :D
  9. STP,

    Did you complete a CFT????
  10. yes sacs ccompleted with psi and two other guys on thur night
  11. I hope one of them was a PTI?
  12. my fault meant pti not psi sorry
  13. Ok I'm not inf but the only advice I was given by my unit regarding my recruits course was from the PSI - 'Don't fail'. I think that still stands.

  14. Stevie

    The Duke has hit the nail firmly on the head here - you need to play the grey man. Dont get noticed and work your cnut off in every single lesson, fitness test and most importantly in the field. Do what your told, when your told without gobbing off and always give 100%. The staff dont want to be your mate, they just want to see if you have what it takes to pass.

    Other than that make sure you look after your feet, eat as much scoff as you can for fuel and drink lots of water - your always running around so you need to stay hydrated, unless they give you a water parade several times a day :twisted:

  15. thanks for advice guys

    i am planning to go down there with the attitude of speak when spoken to
    also going to give everything 110% that way by slightest chance i do fail anything they willl see that i am giving it my best and not just monging it