Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bobling, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. Anyone done CIC recently? What's the deal? Thoughts and advice welcome.
  2. Two weeks of Army training, head down, work hard, do as your told, take in what your told, come home a happy chappy...well, maybe with a few blisters and aches and pains too....
  3. Cheers Kingo, you done it recently?
  4. Nah mate, done mine about 4 years ago, doubt much has changed....

    It's Just everything you've covered in Phase one and nothing to worry about (not that you are worried like) and you should be prepared enough to pass it without any real dramas. You can get RTU'd if you don't pass a test like Weapon Handling but you get lessons before hand at CIC anyways so you should be pretty good by the time the test comes around. Just make sure your on top line everyday in terms of dress, marching and how you conduct yourself around camp and towards officers otherwise they'll have you, make sure your kit is done the night before ready for activities the next day... also what I done was take my notes and booklets from phase one and studied them of a night time after the days work, always helps to do a bit of revision...

    Like I put it earlier mate, it really is just as simple as working hard, doing as your told and taking in what your told and keeping your head down, and yourself out of the way of eagle eyed NCO's who will pick up on your dress and your mush and wether it's hair free or not...

    Hope that helps a bit more mate and good luck...
  5. As the training is Regular army standard, how much is focussed on using your bayonets? Bayonet charging seems to be a "very british" thing. Just something im interested in. 8)
  6. Both phases are army standard, just that CIC your effectively like a regular recruit as apposed to training on weekends, it's also an added experience factor aswell as training to get used to life on a regular unit's base. We never practised with Bayonets during CIC and I don't think they do now, You will with your unit though if your going Infantry...well you should do....
  7. CIC at Catterick has six core tests you must pass:

    A2 Weapons Handling test - done on the first night and RTU if you don’t pass
    BPFA - Done on the first day, you must get green in everything.
    APWT - Shooting done all of the first week with the APWT done on the Friday
    CFT - 4 mile with weight, going up to 8 mile in line with regs soon. Done on Saturday at the end of the first week.
    Fieldcraft - When you deploy to the field you are on a test/teach exercise, they teach you something then test you. To pass you must complete the entire exercise carrying all your own kit without being a mong.
    First Aid - Completed during the first week, just basic first aid test, follow the pamphlet!

    In addition you do bayonet training on the Saturday at the end of the first week. The field Ex is 4 days and three nights, not much sleep but not too hard. In essence keep your head down, do as you are told and you will pass, they are not looking for stars just regular sensible guys who listen and learn.
  8. Right. Thanks for clearing that up. See, i done CCF for years, so i've had a little experience in patrolling, section attacks, field craft, time on the ranges etc but obvioulsy we didn't use bayonets, Reading about the bayonet charge in Iraq by the PWRR, i think?,reminded me what a relevant bit of kit it still is even in todays modern warfare.
  9. They'd like you to get green, however, the BPFA is only an assesment and not a pass or fail....

    And if the reg's say otherwise you must point that out....
  10. What levels must i reach to achieve green? how many push ups etc? and how much time is there usually between joining your TA unit and gettig shipped up to Catterick? I know i'm full of questions i just like to get some info before i do something!
  11. Cheers guys, wasn't worrying about it at all :lol: Thanks for the wisdom.
  12. Male under 30 BPFA green: 44 press ups, 50 sit ups, 2400m run in 10:30
    Somebody posted an entire word document with fitness requirements a while ago, can't remember where it is but I can email you a copy if you want.
  13. Thanks for the offer but i already found and printed it! The thing i don't get now, is one person's saying its a pass or fail and anothers saying its only an assesment??? :?
  14. we got few recruits in cattrick just now
    the entire area is whited out due to snow our recruits have done no trainning at all exept range wrok
    if the snow does not clear they have been tld that they will pass there cic either way because the weather is not there fault
    and they could not get more time off work

    prob the easyest CIC in history lol
  15. The way I understand it is that you can pass or fail it. However, as it's an assessment you can't fail the course you're attending for failing it. The DS will expect you to work at it and pull up your score, but they can't actually RTU you for failing. I have heard that it's going to become a twice yearly test though, rather than an assessment.