Discussion in 'Infantry' started by azzer, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. Hello was jsut wondering wat teh facilities up at catterick are like just stuff like bedrooms how many men to a room is ther a bar or anything etc also i suffer from insomnia would this affect my ability to form well in the training from being so fckin tired or do i just bare wth it
  2. I take it you are thinking of joining? If so I wouldnt worry to much about the facilities they are ok, but it doesnt really matter as you wont be up there too long just concerntrate on the training. I would look into the facilities of your chosen regt and its city/town location, as these will be more important in the long run and can make a big difference to unit life.
    Insomnia? do you suffer from it even when physically exausted? The routine would usually make people v-tired, drill, pt, lessons etc
    Some decent sleep is pretty important, if you think you can griz it for afew months then crack on, but I think it would be hard.
    Possibly speak to a doc on that one, should beable to give better advice!