Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Aaron8, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Another question

    How long are you at Catterick before you can get weekends off and get your first leave thing? ( Infantry )

    Would it be hard for a 17 year old ( and one month ) in training? How old are most of the guys there?

  2. Fuck off.
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  3. 1 the same length that you arrived in Catterick
    2 very hard, especially in the mornings
    3 34.5 years old

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  4. Have you thought about a career in a Members Gym?

    I think that may not be too restrictive on your lifestyle and less chance of getting fucked off every two seconds.
  5. Whassat, anyroad?
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  8. Nah I've seen Infantry soldiers who are big as fuck so idgaf
  9. You post in the NAAFI, you expect results.
  10. Fuck off you civilian quim.
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  11. Aaaaaaahahahaah you mad bro? I don't give a fuck give me an answer and I most likely will "fuck off" do you even lift hahaha
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  12. *clicks 'subscribe', sits back to await the imminent bloodbath*
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  13. Nah I don't even know what Naafi is mate seems like some kind of homo place
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  14. You guys started it I was nice hahaha
  15. Welcome in Sonny.
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