Catterick training images

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Togger, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys
    I am a semi pro aviation photographer (civilian) and recently spent the day up at Catterick in the public access area's of the various Ranges - I was hoping to get some Tank images but on my two visits nothing was about:crying:

    anyway I came across some of you fellas doing some training which I thought was pretty cool so took some pictures which I have now uploaded to my web Gallery
    link here if you want to check them out - if you want an image just email me and you can have whichever free of charge and I will let you have the full res version

    UK Army - Chris Procter Photography | SmugMug

    I hope you like them

    must add that you guys make us older folks proud with what you do so thanks and stay safe
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  2. Thanks for that, mate. I'm getting as much research in as I can about Catterick and the trade I want to do as I hope to actually be there one day (starting the application on Thursday). Pics are a great source of research. Top man and great pics.
  3. No worries young man.. I wish you the best of luck and hope you get a great career in the Army
    must add that not all the images are at Catterick but 90% are
  4. If you wanted tank images why didnt you try the home of Armoured in Bovington where your bound to get stuck behind dozens of them on the viewing areas rather than going to the home of the Infantry???????
  5. There's even a parking/picnic area to watch all the wagons go past

    Bovington Camp - Google Maps
  6. Cheers guys
    I live 45 mins from Catterick - Bovington looks great but nearly 300 miles away I might take a trip down later in the year
  7. Hi guys
    just adding to the above on Tuesday this week I had another visit up to Catterick and got a bunch more images if any of you are interested
    same link as in the first post
  8. Nice pictures thanks for posting the link.