Catterick Thefts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JB, Mar 26, 2005.

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  1. JB

    JB Clanker

  2. At the risk of missing something very obvious (still only a civvie here, bear with me), what kind of moron steals 500 rounds, a smoke grenade and a parachute flare - which seems like an odd combination in and of itself - but then neglects to steal the *gun*?
  3. Probably the same bloke who had four LSWs away a few months back.
  4. They're Scousers. They'll steal anything.
  5. Discodan

    Explain to me again why the Kings should'nt be disbanded
  6. Dey do dat doh don't dey doh
  7. You can shut it, Woolyback.

    Warrington? FFS, its a sh*thole. I was there today. Its worse than Wiltshire for pointyheads. I stayed just as long as was possible. I can actually make it from here to Gemini Retail Park in an hour and a half, but don't tell the police.

    Please move this to the NAAFI so we can all have a go. :roll:
  8. A separate story in today's Scotsman. Great, the judge let the thief off with a nominal rap over the knuckles, accusing the Army of a casual attitude, and calling for an "urgent investigation into the use of live rounds" at Barry Buddon ranges.

    "Armalite rifle" hmmm, ignore that bit.
  9. 8O 8O

    Those thieving scouse b*stards are everywhere!!
  10. calm down!! calm down!!!

    they are still 6 BM21s short after the fall of basra.
  11. OMG, 10 live rounds, such a huge public risk - don't you know that ammo can shoot people by itself? :roll: It's so dangerous in and of itself that you can buy it over the counter in France (albeit .222, not .223!)
  12. Hey it's Dundee... :roll: ferkin surprised they even left the trench....
  13. Hell, even the local spaceys are known as "Scumdee, city of thieves" Sqn. I'm sure one of their guys has still got a pair of my socks actually.
  14. While roaming round the Dems Pit at BB of a summers evening (skiving) I found an ISFE,2 electrical dets,3 feet of safety fuse(unused),4 feet of det cord(slightly scorched but undamaged) and 3 half-ish sticks of PE 808/PE 4.Being an honest soul(and this was many years ago) I let it lie.
  15. 8O idea what ISFE and PE 808/PE 4 refers to beyond "things that go boom" but by the sound of it that was enough material to make a decent sized bomb. Add a few nails, some batteries and a timer, leave in a convenient bin and well...ouch.

    The thought occurs that if it's not practical to keep the site sterile (ie, NO lost/discarded munitions), then about the only way to both keep live firing on the range and keep the public safety gurus happy is to keep the public off the site. Which means a big fencing job, plus sentries and maintenance...

    Hang on...the report said it was in a coastal area...I have nasty feeling I'm missing something here.