Catterick Tesco?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by flipflop, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. Didn't even wipe her hoop.

    The saucy minx.
  2. Oh fucking hell Mom! She said she would not do it any more.=|

    But 10 out of 10 for a speed drop!
  3. That's not her first time she is what's known as a pro.
  4. The Phantom is now on film; Brilliant! :)
  5. "Plenty of European birds, lots of Danes and the Russians are well entrenched now, enjoying a lazy 69 on an empty beach at 4am with a cute little button was a personal highlight.."

    I hope it wasn't her, Hector?
  6. Looks like Sluggy.
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  7. She would not have squatted.
  8. Faster than my dog, but my dog wouldn't go into Tesco's even for a shit.
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  9. I hope it was a manned monitor...

    and that they caught her at the check out...

    took her to the 'scene of the crime'

    and rubbed her nose in it or at least made her clean i tup.
  10. At 21 seconds it was a strugle to go from soft to milk, but I managed it!
  11. Is this why she now shops online and gets the tesco-man in a van to deliver? No returning to the scene of the crime for sluggy.
  12. No, she just crimps one off on her doorstep for him to step on.
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  13. It's obviously not Tescos in Catterick.

    There are no fat wiveys, chavvy kids, or people in uniform with NO FUCKING BERETS ON WITH THEIR HANDS IN THEIR POCKETS.

    Yes, I do actually get all my stuff delivered now. The dog does a good enough job of crapping on the doorstep and kitchen floor, so I have no worries there.