Catterick - Scandal of homes unfit for Britains heroes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. from today's Yorkshire Post

    There's quite a bit more. Full story at the above link. Comments?
  2. It is going to take time to get all the accommodation up to scratch, like the railways, funding has been cut back so far for so long that even with increased spending it is now just a matter of time.

    The conservatives in the past have not exactly been that good with our armed forces, if memory serves me correct, Defence Secretary John Nott in Maggies government was determined to cut back the navy to such a level that it could not fight conflicts like the falkands, but the argies invaded before his cut backs took hold and maggie decided she wanted to keep the islands.

    So lets hope that this current public feeling towards the armed forces holds, we are spending just 2% GDP on the armed forces at the moment, I think it is no time to take a serious look at government spending overall, make some cuts in other areas if required, (the government currently spends £159 billion on social protection and I bet there could be some cuts there) and increase defence spending, and have the balls to go in front of the nation and defend that decision.

  3. I lived in Maidstone married quarters in Invicta Park in 94 accomodation was way below standard paying minimum rent.

    We used to get health inspectors visiting the quarters to test for damp (my neighbours and me had strange mushroom like growths growing on our carpets because of how damp it was) asbestos roofs linings in the sheds.

    The accomodation was due to be demolished when I moved out in 95 but last I heard (2007) they were still being lived in (poor b@@@@rs)
  4. msr

    msr LE

    I think I can see a flaw in your plan...


    Is there any reason why it will take up to 7 years to sort accomodation out?

    Travelodge is saying they can build a 100 bed hotel in under a year and for 5mil.

    Is this a case of the military being lousy at negotiating contracts or the govt not providing the funds?
  6. because the way I see it, travel lodge is a plc and shareholders to answer to, the MOD is part of government and has no one to answer to and even if the NAO says it was money badly spent, nothing will happen and contractors will charge more, and take longer (correct me if Im wrong)

  7. oldbaldy

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  8. Funny that: I lived there in 1989 and heard many times that the Poulson designed quarters were so poor that they would soon be replaced. Yeah, right!

  9. Yes, a lack of money and a lack of political will.

  10. I have looked at this with some business partners in China and we concluded that we could have prefabricated accomodation, mass produced in China to a very high standard, including all fixtures and fittings such as washing machine,etc. have it shipped to the UK (or wherever) at a unit price of £25,000 per unit. Assembly costs would be minimal. Life expectancy of unit designed at 30 + years of robust use. All production overseen by expat Boxhead quaility control . We could easliy have over 20,000 units shipped within two and half years.

    In short there is no real supply problem.

    The conclusion was from one of my partners who is very experienced in UK property, is that just too many people connected to the decision making process, are making too much money by keeping things as they are.

    Sorry Tom, was ever thus.
  11. During a debate in Parliament regarding Service accommodation, 11 MPs plus the speaker and 4 ushers were present. Only 1 cabinet member was present.
    During a debate on MPs pay and allowances, 535 MPs were present including every cabinet member except 2. The speaker, 12 ushers and 15 officials were in attendance.
    Maybe that answers the question?
  12. Junior V-O-G is currently at the Defence Language College at Beaconsfield in accommodation which I could only describe as 'bloody awful'. Buildings covered in scaffolding, internal fittings worn out and an empty multi-storey (10/12 floor) 1960's tower block in danger of falling on the main block and messes. A sharp wind at 23.59 hours tomorrow could do the MOD a favour by bringing down the tower without casualties and allowing the site to be rebuilt by Travelodge. In fact being so close to the M4 and London it would make an ideal site for a hotel, gym, conference centre AND a MOD language facility. Maybe someone on ARRSE with some 'pull' could put a deal together. Is'nt one of the top dogs in MOD Property an ex RRF officer?
  13. 4 Mech Bde are moving from Osnatraz to Catterick in Jun-Jul 08.
    I have heard that there are not even enough MQs to accomodate them so they are having to rent private accomodation that will cost 1000 pounds a month per house with some people having to live nearly an hour away.

    the single soldiers moving from decent accomadtion in Os to crap in Catterick.

    One regiment even have to share a camp with another.

    False economy or what ?
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Nothing new and no surprise really, thanks for highlighting this. If any journos or politicians reading this would now like to ask the right questions get on with it!
  15. V-O-G. I've been told the MoD do not own the property. It is on loan for MoD use only.

    Hence the grand plan of selling it and moving to south Wales went down in flames. Not sure where the multitude of instructors could be found in Wales either...

    You couldn't make it up.

    The Wilton 'Hilton' doesn't conform to building regs or something. I've heard it is visable from Windsor Castle and the Boss is not impressed and hasn't been since it went up.

    If, IF, this is true I'm sure the problem will have been looked into.

    The fact they've been trying to close the school for the last decade or so has not been helpful. No future, no money.