Catterick Phase 2 Laptops.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by swansea84, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys few questions about phase 2 and laptops at Catterick

    1. Any one taken a laptop to phase 2?

    2. Did you get much use of the laptop Weekends/Nights?

    3. Any one get any luck using a dongle if so what network did you use?

    4. If you bought one did you get people nagging to use it?

    Just intrestead as i have seen a few posts where some people taking laptops on phase 2 trainig. And want to know where to pick one up ready for phase 2.
  2. after week 6 you can have xbox,laptop and a tv if you want just got to be able to pack it away for inspections and so it dont get nicked you get plenty of spare time after 5 when all lessons have finished and youve ironed your kit etc.vodafone works dont touch 3 that dont work at all.
  3. Cheers Scriv. Should make basic training that little bit easier in the spare time.
  4. It's all down to your Platoon Sgt. We weren't allowed TV's and xboxes etc till after week 12 but we had laptops from the start.
  5. So im guessing some one brought a tv??
  6. Yes after we were told we were allowed them. But most blokes including myself brought laptops and chilled out watching films on a night, after doing all our admin if course.
  7. If you're going to pack an XBox, scrap the TV idea and pack a projector.....all you'll need to do is plug the video lead in to said projects and buckshee a pair of mains powered speakers by stripping the end off and fixing to the audio lead out of the XBox for the sound. Works for any console. Cannot guarantee you won't get caught, just makes it easier trying not to!
  8. You say that like projectors are inexpensive!
  9. At least with a projector they wonk ask if you have a tv licence ;-)