Catterick or Harrogate

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by WilliamHall, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. Due to what age I am, I was able to decide where I wanted to go ie if I wanted to go standard or junior entry. My choice was to go to Harrogate as a junior entrant. What are you views and have I made the right choice? Thanks
  2. Are you happy with your decision? If so, who gives a **** what strangers on the Internet think about your life?
  3. Well you get some quals from Harrogate, I don't think you get anything from Catterick.
  4. Only 1 way to find out...............Fiiiiiiiiigggggghhhhhttttt!
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  5. William, I'm planning on going to Harrogate in September, and a few of my mates went today.
    You get a couple of quals from Harrogate, and nothing (I think) at catterick.

    The facilities at Harrogate are meant to be quite good, basic accommodation, but a good facility from what most people have said.

    Harrogate is phase 1 training(if you choose to go there), and after your 42 weeks there, you have phase 2 training at ITC Catterick.
  6. Because it's not too late to change. I was hoping to hear from someone who has experience or has experienced both training facilities and could tell me what are the pros and cons of both.
  7. William, I'll try get a few pros and cons from a lad who's there just now.
    Wait out.
  8. Everybody who is joining the Infantry and goes to Harrogate will still spend some time (3 months I think) at Cetterick, did your recruiter not explain this to you?
  9. He just said that if you've got the GCSE's, go for adult, but if you dot, go for junior, as it's "class"
  10. Yeah some people have said Harrogate is like a more gentle approach to the army whereas catterick is a lot harder as someone said your treated like a trainee soldier not a junior soldier at catterick
  11. That's because at Catterick you're not a junior soldier.

    You may be training with people who could be 30.
  12. It all comes down to you not anyone else's opinion. Do you want to spend a year learning to soldier and be a bit more grown up when you hit phase 2 or do you want to graft hard for 13 weeks before moving on and grow up fast(not saying you are immature now just in terms of being a soldier)
  13. I joined as a junior entrant 21 years ago mate.... It was one of the most memorable times in the army.. You get more training than an adult entrant.... And most juniors end up becoming warrant officers sooner than adult entrants.. So it's a great start to your career..
  14. Not true any more, everyone one who joins the Infantry and goes to Harrogate still has to spend 3 months as Catterick for their phase2, they are no better than people who've only done Pirbright and Catterick or have done the CIC at Catterick.
  15. Well it was 21 years ago.... How everything changes...