catterick march intake

hi folks
i got to drop my former step son of at catterick to start his basic training,
on his ji's it says ironing boards provided
but according to a friend of mine who's son passed out 12months or so ago he said he had to take 1 up their due to the shortage of them
(most likeley deliberate lol)
can any 1 enlighten me on the subject
has it's a long drive back up there if i get a phone call
all part of the 7 p's :D
my son who has been at catterick for 18 weeks now, advises me that there are plenty of ironing, in any case tescos is a mere skip and a jump away if he has £10 and desperately needed to purchase one.
good luck and best wishes to your "step son"....
I'll 2nd coolmum's reply tesco's 24 hr is only about 15 mins away from the depot along with other shops down the whiteshops & i'm sure theirs plenty of other places but i've not been to Catterick Gn since 2003

good luck to ur stepson on his future career
cheers beemer 007

i was up catterick in october 07 but we stayed out in the training area the time we was there so don't know what the blocks are like
cheers for the tip & best wishes

i think he'll need it lol
my son is at cic catterick and he has had to buy his own ironing board ,on to his second iron and even bought his own vacumn cleaner, because they don't have enough for every one to use at the same time,also recommend he takes an extension lead , because they'll all be doing the admin at the same time ,and not enough sockets in the room's. he wasn't allowed off the camp for the first six weeks ,and the naafi ironing boards are 18 quid and the same as the 10 pound ones in tesco (crap).


War Hero
Your son will get a trip down to tesco's, also if he wants to keep the tenner he will check out the bin areas as on a passout they are overflowing with ironing boards,and coathangers the usual things that get binned prior to a move.

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