Catterick March 9th

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Griffo909, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. Got my date finally :) ..really happy,can't wait!!

    Any other Arrses up there on March 9th for Basic? :D
  2. I'm up there on 24th Febuary 2008 for the CIC. I can' wait either! What sort of fitness you been doing?
  3. ive got basic some time in march although i go to bassingbourne for my basic and for 5 months instead of the normal 14 weeks.
  4. Alot of Cardio,circuit training...Seeing as i only work at weekends i have quite alot of time to train which is good :) ..what reg you going in pal?..Oh and all the best :D
  5. ah good stuff, I haven't done any circuit training unfortunately! I've just being running and battle fitness with weights etc, my strength seems to be in fairly good nick it's just my running I need to hop up to scratch on. I don't have a job so I've been training most days (the rest of the time out on the p*ss enjoying what free time I have left :)

    I'm going Rifles, hopefully 1st or 2nd btn, what about yourself mate?
  6. Ahh yeah nice,I'm going Irish Guards :p Cannot Wait !
  7. Close, March 17th, but just phase 1, i'm going in as a Gunner not infantry so i'll go to Larkhill for my phase 2
  8. anyone out there going to bassinbourn on the 16th of march for basic?