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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Griffo909, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. Just a quick question, on my kit list it says to take running shoes, however i have none and have just been using some usual old trainers to run in and would not class them as running trainers.Is it worth buying a cheapo pair? but i have read to stay away from the cheap ones and to splash out a few bob on some good ones?

    Also i was under the impression that they are provided upon arrival.

    Cheers in advance.
  2. Take the pair you have got for cutting round the block in, use the ones youll be issued for being thrashed in ! :D
  3. can you take persannel items eg my guitar?
  4. Mate its been a while since I joined and I was not at Catterick but I severly doubt you will be allowed a guitar ! Grab some photos, a couple of books and a few quid spare thats all you need....I dont think youll be in the running for "most popular lad in the room" when you burst into a performance of wonderwall after a long day..just a thought !
  5. yeah mate i see your point. 8) and it wouldent be oasis probaly ..... Iron maiden metalica or judas priest. - Theyd love me wouldent they!
  6. The less you have to worry about there, the better ! travel light if i were you..good luck
  7. I got a pair of new balance trainers for £40 and am quite pleased with em. Id say its deffo worth it mate.
    It's a good idea to wear them in before going by the way.
  8. I for one certainly wouldn't. To do any justice to Iron Maiden or Judas Priest you need at least an electric guitar, and preferably an amp that goes up to 11... :twisted:

    At university, we used to have a name for chaps who walked around with their guitars to woo the women: string w*nkers. It suits, methinks. And I would like to think that there isn't anyone in the training barracks who has it on his mind to woo the other inhabitants there.

    As for running shoes: I can't offer any advice, because I'm not in yet. That being said, I presume the reason they tell you to bring a pair is so you have 'worn in' ones, though as far as I know they do issue you with them. It depends, I suppose, on whether you have battered your feet into blistering submission yet or not.
  9. Is this a wah? Why would you wanna bring a guitar to basic training? Surely you have some common sence.
  10. Seems i forgot to mention i start basic next sunday so i assume going down shops tomorrow and buying a pair would be pointless?
  11. pointless buying a pair

    A - you'll get issued 1 x silver shadows
    B - you wont be allowed to use them anyways

    issue tissue
  12. DOH!!

    i bought some last weekend 8O
  13. If you still have room in your suitcase after you've packed your electric toothbrush, then by all means bring your guitar!
  14. are you taking the fcuking piss ? I just paid £25 for some Hi-tec silver shadows to run in before i start basic because they are light as a feather and dirt cheap! im going to look like a right fcuking walt now.