catterick kit list

yep its me again
just wondering what i need to bring with me when i go to catterick for cic, i figure they wont make you do it in jeans and a t-shirt but id like to know what i need to take
It's on your joining insrtuction....when it arrives. Double everything written and you cant go wrong.
A set of balls wouldn't be bad idea either.....
You better stop ask stupid questions like that sonny, if you want a career in the army.

You will get a kit list anyway but its common sense. When I joined I didnt have the option of asking silly questions on ARRSE, probably because it didnt exist then!
either that or you were to stupid to use a computer
As I said, ARRSE didnt exist then, and your right, Im not an expert on computers..never claimed to be. The fact I can get by on this answers your question andyboy443.

Hope you adopt a more mature attitude when you get to Catterick ( some of my friends I served with are instructors there) and adopt a sense of humour aswell. Because youll need one, especially in the infantry.
looney said:
A good set of lungs, legs and a heart as big as a lions..
Yeah, and don't forget the "sense of humour". You'll defo need one of those.

BT. :D
andyboy443 said:
either that or you were to stupid to use a computer
Ah andyboy 443 - I see you already got a sense of humour with that answer to armies - good lad.

BT. :D

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