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I've done a couple of searches and a spot of reading up on some topics. I found a range of thread from people talking about ironing their uniform before their promotion board, to threads teaching people how to iron. So my question is this:

Is it worth taking an ironing board to CIC?

I'm off next Sunday, and starting to organise packing all my stuff. I've heard some conflicting views, from don't bother, theres plenty there, to buying one as soon as you get to go the the NAAFI. Obviously I don't want to turn up there with said board under my arm looking as if I'm off to surf school, but if an extra ironing board will be useful to me and my muckers, it might be worth the banter and beastings from the DS?

Sorry for another gash question...
Buying one from the NAAFI is akin to having Dick Turpin asking you to handover your wallet.
Table + blanket = Ironing board. Just like that!
Each room should have one, however the chances of signing one from the stores depends on how fast you are.
when my brother was at Catterick he said they got one each, as soon as they arrived.....

that was back in 08/09 though.
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