Catterick intakes


Could you tell me how often the intakes are at Catterick, as my son has got his BARB test next week, and I wondered if all went well how long on average it takes to start at Catterick as he has an Ice Hockey tournement at Sheffield the last weekend of June, so wondered if he would still be around to be able to play.

Also he is looking to join the PWRR and wondered if he would still be able to play Ice Hockey seeing as they are based in Germany and Cyprus.

i got my selection two weeks after my BARB and i passed that two weeks ago and still have not heard from them for my intake. i would say if he dose his BARB next week he would be in selection by next month, so that would be end of april so he might not be in until june/july time so i think he would still be here for the hockey tournement

(Also you can ask for a later date then the one they give you if you want)

Hope that helps a little bit

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