Catterick in March 2010??

Sound guys Im off to catterick in march or april aint got my date yet going into the mercians regiment 3rd battalion thats armoured role cnt fukin wait too get beasted and become an british soldier tke care lads good luck x
I was told my date might be then for Yorkshire regiment, but i got letter saying i still hadn't been allocated a place in training obviously just before they went on Xmas leave.
the_guru said:
Ha. It'll be fooking baltic.
Oh yes, thats a certainty, I remember (many moons ago) Bayonet training at 0500hrs lepard crawling in the snow at Vimy Bks :lol:

Enjoy lads enjoy :D
weather will be fine in march, i did my first stint over oct to jan now that was brutal fingers sticking to rifles ain't the best feeling in the world

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