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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Mackem1985, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. What do you guys think about food? Would you recommend it to your friends? The reason i ask is my mate came down with food poisining off the chilli and wonderd if anybody else was bad with it?
  2. if only one person out of a cookhouse had food poisoning I would be looking elsewhere than the cookhouse to lay the blame. If it was a dodgy chilli do you not think that more than one person would be affected ??

  3. There's only one cookhouse in Catterick: gee, I didn't know things were that bad.
  4. Why oh why? Everytime some stupid fucker comes down with "food poisoning", do the chefs get the blame? Just a thought, could it not be something to do with the copious amounts of alcohol consumed the night before(maybe after or before the chilli) or the equally dodgy kebab consumed on the way back to camp. Speaking as an ex sloppy, this kind of shit happens all to often, always blame the chef, it's got to be his fault. Wankers.
  5. If you are in Catterick just now i wouldnt be blaming the cookhouse just yet. i take it he is in the new accom is he.
  6. As medman2 said, its not the cookhouse. I have seen food poisoning after a dodgy container breakfast (only once in 25 years) the whole company was out of action for half the week. Very nasty and completely unmistakeable. Tell your mate to wash his hands before eating.
  7. When I was up there we had a Coy outbreak of DnV. Lasted a few weeks and a few lads missed battle camp. 99% of the time it came down to personal hygiene with a lot of lads not washing their hands before scoff even having been in the field a few nights or after weapon cleaning. Liked the food there actually had an amazin curry there made up by a ghurka sloppy. Better than Harrogate's mush anyday.
  8. If only one person has ended up ill then I'd suggest that its unlikely to be the fault of the cookhouse, unless he was the only person to eat that meal.

    D&V is most often down to poor personal hygiene, the only time I can say for certain that it was the fault of the food was on a nice jaunt to Vogelsang when most of one unit went down with D&V (very violently during a night shoot). thats one case in 18 ish years.
  9. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Food was fine when I was up there this summer. Exact same cooked breakfast 6 days of the week got a bit tired, but better than menu B for months on end! Would I recommend it to friends...? Yes, I regularly tell mates travelling up to Yorkshire that la Popote in Catterick is a fine little restaurent to spend an evening at, though it's an awful chore to get a table and the maitre-d's often leave something to be desired. It's a cnuting cookhouse! :roll:

    ...and what everyone else said re: 1 person out of hundreds getting food poisoning = not the chefs.
  10. things you should do Mackem1985:

    1. Ask your mate if he washed his hands properly before eating!
    2. Ask him if he was on the lash the night before
    3. Use brain and think before blaming cook house
    4. Do not assume your mate is telling you the truth
  11. 'What do you guys think about food? Would you recommend it to your friends?'

    To answer your question, yes, I would recommend food to my friends. All of my friends eat food, some up to four times a day.