Catterick Garrison Sat 29th Sep Nurses Charity Car wash

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by primroseandblue, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    I have organised a charity car wash at Catterick Garrison McDonald's car park for this coming Saturday 100 - 1600.

    We are supporting St. Teresa's Hospice and the QARANC Assosciation and the suggested donation for a car wash is £2.

    Those in the area please come and support us so that we can raise lots of money (and so that the CO does'nt think I am a waster).

    Cue lots of posts about the QA's not washing cars due to being inside McDonalds clearing the shelves of McGinsters :D
  2. Is it gonna be a naked/topless car wash?

    You'll raise loads, if it is!!

    Then your CO won't think you are a waster.
  3. Have you met a QA before!!

    Most are hairy chested & the guys, their not much better.
  4. bump

    is that 01:00, 10:00 or 11:00 ( I can't imagine many QA's getting out of bed before 11:00, though it is at McD's car park. I can see how you managed to get them to agree to go now)
  5. Calm your jets toppers, dont be off to maccy d's to occupy an OP at 0100, what would your wife say!!

  6. 'get the car washed'
  7. Is this a Wah! It's not like the infamous "bus full of nurses" that never turn up to a Sqn do. When i turn up, will there be anyone there?
  8. Make mine 5 Big Macs and a large Coke, make sure it's DIET tho.
  9. She isn't a QA!
  10. Of course not, other wise, it would be 10 Big Macs, 12 Chicke Nuggets and 2 large fries.
  11. And she is a vegitarian..
  12. VEGI!! you never told me that you were married to a lefty tree hugging eco-warrior!!

    You've changed toppers!! You have changed!
  13. It wasn't aimed at your missus, Toppers, that would be the answer mine would give.
  14. It is 1000.

    My team and I will wash any type of car whether it has a top or not and any type of motorcycle naked or faired :wink:
  15. A faired QA??? I don't want to imagine a naked one though