Catterick Commandos

Discussion in 'RAC' started by ACTION-LOAD-SABOT, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. Hello guys just found this forum the other day and have spent hours already on the JLR site rekindling long lost memories. Forgive me if this has been covered before but if us ex Junior Bleeders can get such a good thread going I am sure all you 'commandos' out there can do so to. Ex Scots DG so was RAC Trg Regt 76-79 although I wasn't involved in recruit training, J/NCO on the Tank Park, did make some good friends with the PS. Come on there must be someone who remembers the notorious Scots DG (then S/Sgt) twins, RJ & JJ (hint Jimmy's name was the same as his surname)? The very mould for your stereotypical recruit trainer. They were scary in the Regt. never mind what recruits must have thought of them but as always when you got a bit older and got to know them they were top blokes. JJ was my SSM when I got to Sgt and a better mentor and confidant you could never find. Over to the 'Catterick Commandos'.........
  2. Ist Troop A Sqn, 75. RJ was my Tp Sgt and a right bugger he was too.
    Glad when he got booted upwards! :p
    Was in Catterick 76-77 and enjoyed the confusion on the Nigs faces when JJ and RJ were on the rampage! If I remember they used to drive the same model Renault, same colour and I think the numbers were similar too!
    ******* right wind up sometimes.
    Good days, happy nights! :lol:
  3. We did RACTR Cambrai Barracks, 81-83, I was in the Skill at Arms Wing with a couple of other full screws and a Sgt. Due to a slow down in recruiting I spent most of my time in the Turf Hotel, Richmond, very happy dayz!!!
    I had a wee eight month break for a tour of the rum shacks of Belize. Still suffering from Belekin and Green stripe poisoning!
  4. Was a 'Catterick Commando' in 85. QOH were RAC Trg Regt, how I loved saluting/eyes right that fcuking brass dinner plate hung at the guard room everytime I passed it! Loved seeing their Tprs in 'officers shirts from the PRI'. Seem to recall a roaming fire picket getting knocked out by a flying bed block that was pinned together and chucked out the top floor of a block.

    And the Scopion Club, fantastic shoitehole that it was!
  5. You will be happy to know the Tankadrome is no more!!
  6. The Scorpion is now an Aldi!
  7. Funnily enough, I was a Catterick Commando!
  8. But is the 'CyneGym' still there??Up in Waitwith Lines? and Sandys Soldiers Home in Camp Centre?
  9. The 'Sandys Home' is still there, but the building is now used as the Combined Arms Staff Trainer (North)! :roll:
  10. Catterick has changed a lot in the last few years, if you were to drive into the garrison from the race course you probably wouldn't recognise very much, loadsa new build. Camp centre is roughly the same layout but also lots of new build and conversion of old buildings. There's a huge Tesco in the middle of the garrison plus loads of other stores, gone are the days when there was only the naafi, skc tv shop, the greasy spoon, the barbers and Lloyds (£5.00 on your id card at the end of the month) bank.
    But there are still plenty of boozers in Richmond market square and the relay races around it still take place!
  11. I am talking 1945, there was a shop in camp Centre that sold badges and buttons, most any regiment you wanted for great coat buttons. I still have the small RAC brooch that I bought for my Mother. Also there was a german 88mm in Waitwith lines, a Red Shield Club, a YMCA in Richmond and a jewelers shop on the corner in Richmond that had a 'rolling ball' clock in the window, a ball rolled up and down a sloping brass plate, on my last enquiry it had gone to a Museum. A pub with 'Blue' in it's name. I did last visit in June 2000 for a Bays,KDG, QDG reunion.
  12. That's progress for you - I wonder how many of today's checkout girls were concieved in the old clubs bogs :D
  13. ... dunno what you mean :wink: when we were stationed at Cambrai as the RACTR in 81-83 we always used to stop off at the Colburn Lodge for the pre-dance fight enroute to the Scorpion :threaten:
  14. I drove through the garrison recently (for old times sake) on the way back from Northumbria and the change was noticable ; wire fences that made all the camps look like cat C prisons. I was going to take a short cut up the snake but found it closed off - CCTV everwhere as well. The biggest surprise was no RACTR! - and yes I remember Scots DG as RACTR and those barking mad twins!!
  15. unfortunately the CCTV is needed not only because of possible terrorism but also because there are now a couple of night clubs in the garrison, hence the reason the Walkerville (Scorpion) is now an Aldi! There are quite a few 'disturbances' especially at weekends and the OB are quite busy.