Catterick Camp/Garrison

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by dkh51250, Jan 21, 2012.

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  1. Irrespective of capbadge, rank, or Regiment we need your memories of Catterick. If you worked for NAAFI, SKC, SSVC, Sandes, YMCA or the Salvation Army tell us your story, post your pics. 2014 sees 100 years of Catterick Camp. A group of volunteers are currently trawling through newspaper archives, and other historical information to collate an accurate picture of life at Catterick. Did your Regiment serve here? If so when? What barracks/lines were you accommodated in? The intention is to create an independent website in the near future and produce from that a Centenary Book. All proceeds will go to service charities. Contact can be made via or

    Alternatively, post your pics and memories here.
  2. The arrsehole of the British Army (or does that honour fall to Aldershot)? Sorry, but all I want to do with Catterick is forget it. Richmond's pleasant enough, though.
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  3. oldbaldy

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    Learnt to swim in Sandes pool as a schooboy. Both my school & scout troop used it.
  4. Must agree Democritus, there are those who are more than happy to leave Catterick behind. By the same token the bulk of the local population is made up of former service personnel. So, what was it that turned you against the place?
  5. The weather, mostly! And the shortage of local available birds and civilized boozers (myself excluded). Then there were the courses, the bullshit and the general atmosphere of the place (all true of most garrison towns, to be fair). As I said, Aldershot runs it a close second IMO, and Catterick certainly has the edge in beautiful open country within spitting distance. Plus all that excellent Yorkshire grub and ale when you managed to get away from the cookhouse. Mmmm, perhaps, in retrospect, I might modify my views ...
  6. Easy pleased if you can be bought with a pint of Black Sheep and a Yorkshire pud.
  7. I enjoyed my time at Catterick, but then I suppose that was down to being at two brilliant units (24 (Airmobile) Field Ambulance at Gaza Bks (now demolished) and Duchess of Kent Military Hospital - both of which no longer exist) with great mates.

    My mother also served in the RMP at Catterick during and after WWII, and had nothing good to say about the place. Her abiding memory was of being on traffic control at the main junction (I'm assuming this was the roundabout at the junction of Catterick Road and Richmond Road) and squaddies trying to run her over! Unfortunately I can't pass on any more memories as mother is now residing in a box in the bottom of my wardrobe...
  8. More likely to be what we now know as St Oswalds roundabout. I have a photo from 1942 to be placed on the FB page in the near future that shows the crossroads Hipswell Rd East and West bisected by Richmond Rd. Pity about your mother being in the wardrobe, she would have been a great help.
  9. Went there twice; once to be needlessly shouted-at for a few months, then, years later to get a vasectomy. Even this Blacksheep-drinking, Yorkshire-pudding-eating native has only crap memories of the place. Seems to suit Dale, though.
  10. I hated the Dump and still do, although Mrs Arters liked the place.
    Due to attending a long Trade Course and just having been married, we were lucky
    to get Quarters.
    1. Mobile home on the old Aisne Lines
    2. House on Hambleton Rd.

    Returned(under duress) to Schemes Gp and had a decent Qtr on Aisne Rd.
    Couldn't wait to get out of the place, though, an Adv. Trg. Pal(SSM 1 SQN) wangled
    a way out for me.

    Best bloody move we ever made, escaping that hole.

    If any place deserves a delivery of 'Instant Sunshine' it's this piece of 'Unreal Estate'
  11. Mobile homes all gone now, and thanks to Mr Portillo Hambleton Rd was sold off. Most of that area is now rental property, Danby St etc. The place can't be that bad it has a McDonalds nowadays. :)) They must have heard about PAYD and decided to invest in the local area.
  12. Every time I went to Catterick, nasty people would shout at me, make me run over boggy areas, do a bit of "combat camping" (and continue to shout at me) or run me ragged round a drill square at stupid o'clock. When I visited late on in my career to give a briefing, it wasn't too bad. Not such a bad place without the nasty, shouty people.
    However, even back in the nasty days, the system was quite good as they would have trucks to take you to Richmond train station (now long gone) on a Friday and they would meet you at the station on a Sunday to bring you back. Plenty of lifts available to get you to Scotch Corner so you could start hitch-hiking to wherever in the country you were going (provided you got there a bit earlier than the other hundred odd squaddies in uniform trying the same thing). Richmond was pretty grim and the beer was crap. Can't believe we used to pick a pub with Watney's Red Barrel cos at least you could get what we thought was a "decent" pint compared with the watery rubbish from the local brewery.
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  13. Three swimming pools now, in the all singing all dancing Sports Centre on Gough Rd. What used to be the open air until 1973 when the roof was fitted has now been demolished. Sandes swimming pool of course went along with the soldiers home in 1983.
  14. Wasn't there a pool on Shule Road? Seem to remember going there to document some of the lads in the field ambulance doing their basic swim test.

    As there was no female accn at Gaza Bks when I was posted in, I had to live in DKMH accn, Harden Bks. Good memories of climbing out the upstairs block kitchen window to sunbathe on the block porch roof! Nipping across the road to the white shops and ending up getting squiffy in the wine bar "Le Maginot Line"; watching a certain Sgt slide down the wall after his third pint of Old Peculiar. Made the mistake of taking pity on him having the long walk back to Gaza Bks as he had no taxi fare and let him kip in my bed, which he promptly lagged. Bastard still owes me £25 for the mattress!
    The NAAFI bop at Harden Bks, jacking to the latest S-Express records :) occasionally themed, one night was Tarts & Vicars night, so I dressed as a saucy nun: pillow case round the head, tight black polo neck, black mini-skirt, stockings and heels, the lads from the field ambulance came down and eyes popped out as they'd only seen me in green (or grey) before!
    Cross country running from the bottom field at Gaza Bks, through Park Wood down to the Swale, stopping for a breather and discovering I'd made the mistake of stopping on some kind of ground wasp's nest. Next couple of hours were spent with a medic, a pair of tweezers and a magnifying glass getting the stings out of my legs.
    One roasting hot July day, seven of us jumping into two cars and driving up to Aysgarth Falls, jumping into the water and discovering the water temperature was somewhere hovering just above zero!
    Going to the Catterick School of Dancing (aka Scabs, aka The Scorp) with the lads from 24 and being warned off squaddies they'd seen visiting the clap clinic whilst doing their GUM attachment!

    I think I did some work whilst I was there! :lol:
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