Catterick Barracks 10 Regt/7 Regt

It's a very long time since I was at 10 Regt (89'ish, when it was in Bielefeld, Catterick Bks.). I chose the name 'Detmolderstrasse' quite simply because those years at 10 Regt on Detmolder Strasse, were probably amongst some of the happiest of my life to date.

Anyway, upon 'playing with Google Earth, I decided to 'fly' over to Catterick Barracks in Bielefeld.

Can anyone tell me what the 4 blocks are that I have circled in red? They were NOT there in the late 80's. They are built on what was (When I was last there.) the West side of 36 Sqns veh park.

If it is not appropriate to state what the buildings are in the thread, feel free to pm me.


Edited to add photo :roll:
For the 40'ish that viewed the thread earlier, minus the pic, it has now been added. :1:

Thanks for the pm's so far & your ideas on what blocks I might have been rambling on about. :wink:


Meh... Looks like bog-standard x-type accommodation, methinks.


It's definitely the new Z type singly accommodation, single rooms with en-suite etc.

If you look at 2 O'clock from the north east corner of your red circle you will find the 8 man rooms that the new Sgt's live in in the WO's and Sgt's mess!


I was stationed there in 1973 and that block of 4 was accomedation for 9sqn rct, i was in 17 sqn rct and the 3 years i spent there was the best, i miss it loads, germany that is lol.
I was stationed there in 84-86 and that was 17 and 36 sqn accommodation, 9sqn was as you came through gate on right hand side opposite the guardroom.

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