Catterick 29th (Para)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by GavinPrue, Jun 7, 2008.

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  1. Hey, just wondering anyone else got start date for basic on the 29th?? And another question, what to expect? Only passed selection a week ago, so bit worried about only got 3 weeks to get ma arrse in gear, did my 1.5mile in 8:21 still looking to better it, but fitness wise im not to bad and i just turn 17 end of may so will i be the youngest? Sorry bout the silly questions!
  2. Alright mate.

    I'm currently filling out my medical forms for the army and then i'll have my 2nd interview to get a date for selection.

    I'm going for para too, so maybe i'll be there the same time as you.

    If not, good luck.
  3. Cheers, good luck with selection :D
  4. Thanks mate, any suprises you want to warn me about for selection?
  5. Can I suggest you change your avatar to something with a big fat green circle behind the cap badge Wink

    GavinPrue, I shall not comment on anything Para specific, simply because I am not one, but here's a few bits of info for you that you might want to know.

    -There are xboxs at Catterick so you might want to take some games
    -Expect plenty of running (it's the paras! Use your 3 weeks to your advantage as much as possible.) Also there are inventive little beastings, you might be found for example doing "diddy men", but i'll save that for you Wink
    -With regards to being one of the youngest, you probably will be, few lads tend to join around that age, and if they do it is usually straight out of school and therefore junior entry
    -Good run time, no dramas with that, its just a case of how your long distance running is now.. get some good insoles if you can by all means!

    You can PM me if you have any more questions, I care not to bore you or myself any further.
  6. Nope, not really all straight forward if you got half a brain cell, just do a good run, sayin that some lad in selection got in paras with a ******* 9:40 i come in with a 8:21 and i was first(not blowin me own trumpet) so anything under 9mins is alright, part from that just shout and scream in the team tasks, look smart for your interview, what centre you going to?
  7. I think everyone goes to pirbright for selection, so it must be pirbright.

    Don't think there are any other selection centres....
  8. What about Glencourse in Scotland? And there's one in NI
  9. I went to Lichfeild for selection, not long be shutdown as an ATR they just have the selection centre there now, think its gettin turned into a medical training centre.
  10. Oh right, probably be pirbright for me.