Catterick 22nd April

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Birdy69, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. New to the site but have been using the site for information for quite a while. I was wondering if there was anybody else attending Catterick on the 22nd, as it would be good to know someone who is going there. Only passed selection on tuesday so it is all kind of quickly to me.
  2. load of people are attending catterick, what are you burrbling about????
  3. Well it would be good to actually know someone before going, so if there is anybody from near Burnley going i would like to know. Meeting loads of new people is always an awkward situation so if you can actually go knowing someone it takes the edge off things. I hope that answers your question!
  4. mate don't worry about not knowing anyone when you get here

    you get to know people VERY well when ya living and working with them 24/7

    i've been here since november and i'd say i know some of my army mates more than i do civvie ones back at home
  5. Nice one, i know someone that is also going to join on May 6th do you think that we will ever have time to speak. Or is it not permitted to speak to other training groups?
  6. depends what company they're in

    ie, prince of wales, kings, rifles etc

    if there in a dif coy you wont get chance to see em that much, unless ya on the ranges or doing pt with them

    weeks 1-6 are shite and you wont be around camp without training staff, after that you can do what you like
  7. ya mite see other coy recruits in naffi or vickery club after week 6, i play pool wi a few lads from rifles every nw n then, n im in scots.

    tell you what though, you better have a lot of patience, half my platoon act like they 12, and its made me a lot more tolerant of shit in civvy street. but youl get on well with most of em hopefully, youl need to if u want backup in darlington on nites out lol
  8. Come on Joe i hardly think you can do what you like

    Why do Joes go through to Darlo and start gobbing off, its no wonder they are virtually banned from every pub/club
  9. What regiment are you joining i start training for the Parachute Regiment on 22nd april?

    Sandy : Whats the deal with getting hold of ironing boards when we are there do they sell them in the NAAFI? or do we have to hump them down on the train?
  10. Starting The Rifles on May 6th...crack on!
  11. How long is parachute regiment training all together from start to getting your maroon beret? just wondering cause im going to be doing it some time next year :D
  12. 28 weeks of training plus your leave in between long weekend and at least 14 days other leave
  13. Im joing the Duke of Lancaster's
  14. they sell them in the naafi

    fcukin rediculously priced though
  15. Chris 2006 how are you finding basic? Any advice on kit to buy, things to do and not to do, average fitness standards at the course commencement...e.t.c. What are the staff like?

    Thanks in advance!