Catterick 20th April :)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by freshage, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. anyone start basic on the date and place above?

    if so, let us know :D

  2. Alrite mate im heading there on 20th april cant wait<where u going from?
  3. elo elo, ill see u there!!
  4. I got me pre-test evaluation this Thursday. If I pass a 1.5mile run-time of 09:00, my recruiting Sgt will send me to Pirbright for the legit Selection.
    I'll probably pass there. Hopefully if it doesn't take too long for all that - I would hope I'd be there for the 20th of April too.
    I'm leaving for Catterick from South East London.
  5. Probably be on the same train then lads im fom south east to so its all good,good luck on your selection
  6. Alright lads
    Sorry for changing the subject a little but when did you all do your selection because i done mine two weeks ago today, And i still haven't heard anything back yet.
  7. im leaving from reading.

    infantry_man. i did mine 12-13th march.

    im guessing by the time you do your ADSC the slots for the 20th will have been filled up.

    just get on the blower to your recruiter and get things rolling. initiative mate.

  8. 9 minutes??? you sure? whats this new pre selection?
  9. I think its something just run locally by the AFCO to see if your good enough to be sent to selection.
  10. Anyone going Guards?
  11. 9 mins sounds pretty steep though, ive heard of people going to catterick after doing an 11 min runtime
  12. I doubt he'd be refusing to send people to ADSC if they wern't getting a sub 9 minute run time. I went on a 'Look At Life' week with the Rifles prior to Selection and they were pushing us to get a run time under 10:30. The people who were geting closer to 12 mins were not being recommended for ADSC.

    The only reason i could see a recruiter pushing for a 9 min run time would be if the potential recruit was going for Para's, i believe you need a 9:18 run time to qualify.

    All that being said you could potentially pass the 1.5 mile run with 11:20 (Level 1- Infantry etc.) at ADSC depending the rest of your test results are to a decent standard. Although I wouldn't advise you goto ADSC if your running 1.5 Miles over the 10:30 mark.
  13. Yea it is. Just a voluntary evaluation before they consider sending potential recruits away for the legit thing.
  14. there seems to be some confusion.
    riggsy (im not a secret agent, ive just read some of your other posts) but i know your going para and thats why theyve probably told you you need under 9 mins at ??bassingbourn??. i had my selection booked then my recruiting sargeant asked if i wanted to go on the day course at bassingbourn. it is a good course and you should try hard because they not recommend you for selection.
    for those of you who aren't going for the paras, any other (reasonable) time should be enough to earn you a place on selection.
    o and riggsy. do this -9 thing, get sent on selection, pass and i'll see you at catterick on [/u]may 5th[
  15. I've got to do the run in 10-12 mins, and I'm going in for REME. Should manage it (seeing as I run a lot in rugby!)