Catterick 1st july - christmas question?...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by brettyboy69, May 6, 2008.

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  1. hey guys, off to catterick on the 1st of july, really excited, shame its not a little bit sooner, but atleast i get to enjoy a bit of summer lol.

    my questions is, i no im away for over 6 months, but what happens at chistmas time? will i still be in the barracks of do they send you home for a few days? thanks for the help guys.

  2. Only if you put Christian on your forms or your going to be stuck on guard:p

    July? fcuking hell, im waiting for my date now i hope its not that long.

  3. hmm cant remember what i put down...well think ill be standing on guard with my santa hat on by the looks of it haha.

    when did you finish selection and where you joining, catterick?
  4. My earliest intake date is 1st July. I maybe joining you? If we start then, we'll be finished before xmas. Approx 1st or 2nd week of December going by 24 weeks.

    I'm sure your sent home for xmas? I wouldn't worry.
  5. when i went for selection, they said it was 26 weeks :?

    all the posters around glencourse said that aswell...but i no other things say 24 weeks...hmmm confusing stuff.
    you excited for it mate? yeh you will be joining me. nice one.
  6. july, mate, you're f*ckin lucky....
    my dates 1st september for phase 1....
    4 longggggggg months away...
  7. The above was online HERE

    The Infantry Soldier booklet also states 24 weeks, as it say's if you're going in as a Para, foot guard etc then your training is prolonged.