Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by threesend, Feb 24, 2005.

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  1. Anyone out there who went through 11 sigs / 8 sigs ??? summer 92 - spring 93???
  2. yes I did, and what a bloody brilliant training environment it was. :D
  3. Not sure about a good training environment but there were plenty of brilliant nights out, well, if you liked scabsand old birds with their norks out!!! :lol:
  4. the dwarf of a cleaner, every saturday night out popped the puppies!! :lol: was there around then brilliant laugh!
  5. On a course that year !!

    Did you know scabs is now a lidl? raised to the ground a few years ago and now the site for a lidl or something like that.

    White shops im told has been re - fitted and is now modern up to date (well n yorks style) shopping area.

    I've also been told Mc D's is also in camp centre?? see Mac D's is getting to all 3rd world areas :D
  6. Finished me class 1 in the summer of '92. Fond memories of the place. Had the best "Purple patch" of me life (so far?). Great time going round the north east and trapping left, right and centre. An example was going out to watch a film one nite (to have a night off the beer for a change), couldn't get into watch the film as it was full, went for a couple of beers instead and trapped with a nurse and had a great nite. Best bit (not!) was having to run up to the block in the morning to get changed whilst everyone else was marching down to the trade block!

    Blandford can't hold a candle to Catterick!
  7. Good times.
  8. Yep - Feb 87 and Jun 92. Bloody bleak in February but the summer course was excellent - so beautiful on those early morning runs!

    Went back to Richmond recently on holiday (passing through) - just as bad as it used to be. Scabs was a laugh, though.

    Tricky Woo
    08R EGKK
  9. had a great time at catterick , its a shame that it re-located to blandford but i guess the gene pool in blandford is sufficiently stocked now!!!.... passed through catterick last spring and i can confirm that jonnies cafe is no more , shame !! scabs is lidl and a golden arches and tesco are on the left hand side opposite old jonnies cafe! , remember doing pt in white daps , oh them were the days! had a cracking bl@w j@b on the bridge in richmond by a wrac straight out of guildford, also does anyone remember the rp sgt AKA robo cop???they need men like that in blandford , or the rp sgt from bad lads army with all that hair on his face !!, maybe we wouldnt have so many people moaning about blandford then.
  10. passed off 1 troop, 11 sigs summer 92, went upto 8 sigs in the august till may 93.

    anyone remember the relay upgraders course robbing all the birds knickers out of the girls accomodation and hanging them all over the tennis courts?

    Maddog 20/20, Diamond White, WRAC's, DKMH nurses, Scabs, Ricmond and Darlington. We never had so good!

    Give me Catterick over that inbred southern gene pool Blandford anyday!

    Was asked by a siggy when was i at Basingborne, told him i did my basic at catterick. He replied " Oh did you transfer from the Infantry then". TWAT!!
  11. delbut , i passed off summer 92 also. 3 troop , 2 weeks in front of 1 tp , small world !! i was in the back up tp for your pass off , good what a day it was soo fackin hot , if i remember rightly your tp rifle drill was too fast !! . catterick them were the days ..yeah i do remember the relay upgraders and the knickers saga , what bout cath house getting raided for blokes , regular as clockwork,,
  12. Yep was there thru 92/93 God knows how I passed my retrade as spent best part of the year p******d up in scabs then hauling guys back to my rm in Kath house for a bonk, oh happy days!!!!!! :wink:
  13. pretty green eyes PM me we may know each other!!!...
  14. I passed off late 92, any body else out there from this era?
  15. yeah june92 3 tp