Catterick 1978

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Glad_its_all_over, Mar 1, 2005.

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  1. OK, let's delve right back into the depths of the past, when great reptiles roamed the Earth and WO1 Wally the C*nt ruled Helles Barracks.

    Anyone else here remember the tropical paradise of 11 Sig Regt in early 1978?
  2. Ahh the year of my return to RSDCC course, apologising to 'jimmy' on drill square shed... the friendly Wally :wink: he never discriminated..he hated us all with no favourites :wink:

    the nearly terminal error of Calling SSI Drill a muppet!! Also blagging a nearly new complete 1157 as they were the only clothing store that had any kit in... them were the days,

    the ba****d who got the seamstress to sew on my dagger upside down in time for no2's inspection (ok i was a tw@ for not noticing in the 1st place) :wink:
  3. I bought a motorbike from the SSI drill, who was an odd flat-nosed type, shortarse, but actually quite a nice bloke. Wally L. was an arse of the first order, but very good at his job as I recall.
  4. I worked with Wally out in bosnia in 1993 .obviously, he was a civvy then.
    He was working for the UNHCR- as a sort civvy equivalent to a QM i think, he was a subject matter expert in anything and everything, you learn alot from people like that, at the time i'd only been in the army 5 years but i did listen. Men like that do have a certain aura about themselves,i dont think there is any soldiers like that any more,apart from the old GSM London district he was god with a stick !
  5. Had the privilage of working for Wally L in 21 Sigs (Wilders) 86-88. Transformed the the QM's into a Corps Shrine. We worked solid for 3 months until 9pm each night to get this project finished. The duty bod, as part of his duties, had to play the Corps March on the hi-fi system every morning just prior to Wally coming through the door. God helped him if it was not on que. Also he had me as his fecking private secretary, I had to answer his phone and when it was anyone but the CO I had to buzz the red light, alittle device under my desk which was linked to his, which when pressed a red light came on on his device notifiying him that the person was not the CO, regardless he kept them waiting only then could I put the fcuking phone down, when it was the CO, I pressed the green light, it was immediately answered in his gruff tones, "Good morning/afternoon Colonel". Funny as fcuk when I c0cked up, not at the time, the tw4t used to bollock me senseless.
    He used to have Friday inspections with all the QM staff looking like a bunch of c0cks in their starched gray overcoats. You were fcuked if your coat was not immaculate and your yellow name tag and chefs tapes were not on it.
    He also had a visitors book in the foyer of the QM's, the CO had to sign the fcuking book everytime he entered the dept, he did not visit very often for obvious reasons.
    All in all he was an old salt, no-one will replace him, although many have tried to emulate him and failed, c0cks. He was a good boss, strange but hey who is'nt, total and utter old school.

    Sorry as this seems to be turning into a Wally L thread :roll: