CATT Warminster

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by liverman, Feb 10, 2005.

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  1. Anybody been yet? We are due our first visit after Easter, supposed to be good or is it like Grafenwher (pants)
  2. CATT is awesome. It is playing a totally different sport to SIMNET at Grafenwohr.

    Enjoy! :D
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Could someone translate this into English for me?

  4. Combined Arms Tactical Trainer - Warminster. Is loosely based on the American system (SIMNET) based in Graf. Top training system using simulators operating in a digital environment.
  5. ETEWT or would that be TEEWT
  6. Kool!, thanks guys.
  7. Oh come on. The chance to have the acronym TWEET cannot be turned down! Even though it would mean a Troops-Without Electronic Exercise, Tactical. In fact, a Troops Without Electronics Exercise, Tactical, would probably be far more realistic.
  8. Did some of the testing on th CATT a few years ago with the Bn. Bloody good fun. Like a very expensicve Play Station. Be warned, it will hurt your eyes.
  9. CATT is indeed awesome, but had we spent just that eency bit more it would be even better. The problem is, in the days of the Battlegroup, we simlpy did not buy enough WR sims to replicate an Inf BG with its Sp Coy. Which seems to have been an incredible example of short-sightedness.

    Afraid its another story of close but no cigar. But then hey, with the money we saved there, we've managed to get enough together to buy 200+ Eurofighters. There's a lucky escape!
  10. Yes, even if it does translate like an anacronym made up by a bin-rat