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First of all, many thanks to all who commented on the "Case of the Disappearing Adoption"

If I had just inquired about a cat that showed up on the "Pet Finder" and was told it had already been adopted I would not have minded. To be told a cat was available, do all the paperwork and passed the vetting, then invited to visit the cat at the foster home and hold it and play with it is the part that hurts. I had already picked a name (Pyewacket) and bought new stainless bowls matching the other cats bowls for what I assumed was MY kitten. The woman had the cat in her home for 10 weeks but she never mentioned anything about bonding. During my visit the kitten showed no affinity for its twin and the twin showed no interest either.
I suspect there was another reason, perhaps a friend decided she wanted the cat.

@4(T) - very little surplus of kittens in my bit of Massachusetts. Humane groups have programs of "Trap-Neuter-Release" for feral cats. Also all adoption groups neuter before adoption. I have passed the word to local friends and relatives that I am looking for a kitten. A cousin who is a retired banker and paints landscapes etc is going to Maine next week and promised to check the Maine shelter where she adopted her three partial-coon cats. (purebred coon cats go for $1000 to $2000 )

@dombo63 - I asked the lady about adopting two and she said the pair were already spoken for. Not sure if she was being truthful about that. She may have thought 2 older cats and 2 babies were too much cat for me to cope with.

@vinniethemanxcat - I totally agree that two are easier to deal with. Two play with each other when boredom strikes. If one gets bored he/she jumps to the dresser and knocks things off, then moves to the mantels over the fireplaces and knocks down the Dulton figurines. He/she then moves to the dining room and..... Part of the reason I want to adopt actually, my current two are 11 and a young third will ensure company when one of them goes.
Well you understand I am sure.

Thanks again for the kind wishes, wish me well in my quest.
Keep up the search @DavidBOC, there's a kitten out there for you somewhere. Good luck buddy


Nope, not true. I filled out 7 pages of forms for the adoption people (I think more pages than when I was vetted for a NRC clearance "N" level.) They called my vet and three character references. A week ago told me I could come visit him which I did.
I called today to arrange a pickup time on Friday and the lady said she should have called me but she had decided that he was too bonded to a sibling and would be upset if separated so he was going with his brother to a man who wants two kittens. WTF!!
She has had the kitten since birth 10 weeks ago and just today realizes that he is"too bonded"
I am sad - check
I am upset - check
I am really pissed off - CHECK

This morning I went to a local feed and grain and bought kitten food and a stainless bowl to match the other cats bowls.

This is the kitten I would have had on Friday but for the foster carer of the kitten

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I had that trick played on me, when still living in Wales, where kittens can still be found free of charge - you just put the word out, and eventually a cat belonging to one of your circle, or one of their circle has a litter. This was a friend of a friend, and certainly not one of mine. Very upsetting for the wife; for me, annoying but not too surprising.
Lo and behold, a Cat that is supremely alert and ready to go.

Who has spent pretty much 18 hours in the same position. He's alive though



You must be a very good slave as that looks like one contented and happy kitty.
It's one of my Mum's two troublemakers. I sort of act as secondary food guy when I am back to visit. They are well loved indeed and that bugger in particular is full of charachter. His sister is less of a cuddly kitty and instead prefers to ply her killing trade on your feet.


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I suspect there was another reason, perhaps a friend decided she wanted the cat.
Sorry to hear about that unwanted result though I would not bother with that particular adoption crowd again having first made sure other possible wouldbe cat owners hear about that particular experience.

Having said all that I'm sure there is a reason for you being available for the kitten/cat that is bound to turn up.
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