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I wondered why Davidson was so interested with what was making a noise under the flower pot. I moved the pot to see the ground start to move & Davidson took over.

PS I posted a youtube link but when I click on here I can't get it to play :?

Found a mole then I see?
Fine, If you won't let me sleep on your plums........

......I'll go sleep where you will never find me !

Our feral ginger tom who we call Marm has been a target of our affection for 4 years now. In that time he went from charging out of the garden and over the fence when he saw us in the kitchen to sleeping in a cat house in our garden and now coming into the house when he sees us for food.

He now lets us pet him and will come into the living room if we prop the catflap open in the kitchen. Today I closed the door behind him as I do sometimes but this time the catflap was locked, betrayal! I have had him to the vets and he is now microchipped and the door has registered his chip. He can now come and go as he pleases through the catflap which he has pawed at from time to time in an effort to get in.
Be very afraid...
I'm wiggling my toes constantly - not a flicker! :D
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Mr Shitferbrains, AKA Oscar goes utterly apeshit if I move under the duvet & he's lying there.
Lily only does it once before she settles (yes; I get my legs pinned in place, with them on opposite sides).

One of them has the serious, squirting liquid shits right now - good thing I used a high sided storage box as a cat bog!
Oh & Oscar's worked out that the yellow Purina bags contain cat biccies & the twat's taken to clawing them open.
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