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My sincere condolences, @PhotEx

My heart goes out to you
Gerry’s had to go to sleep this evening. After all his previous illness, another tumour in his stomach this time.
Rest in peace little fella.

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Handsome creature!
So sorry for your loss. It is always hard.
Thanks for the kind words all...

It was another tumour that did for him, in the stomach this time, it was a mercifully quick decline. Started getting sick saturday morning and stopped eating, vets treatment from a Monday, lost a kilo in a matter of days.
He started looking for dark corners this morning, then struggled up on Mrs Meerkatz to sleep away the afternoon cuddled up to her - he knew it was the end, and that’s made it a bit easier.

Vets were brilliant, his surgeon who’d done so much work on him over the last few years came in on his day off to see him on on the last goodbye. It went well, Gerry wasn’t stressed and was surrounded by people he recognised, and His surgeon gave him a mild seditive to send him quietly asleep first.
RIP Gerry I'm glad people he loved were with him at the end
RIP Gerry. It's not easy losing a pet.
All creatures, including humans, stretch but cats seem to derive more pleasure from a stretch that anyone else.
Black panther spotted in East Ayrshire.

Residents in Drongan and Coalhall are being advised to be vigilant and not to approach the animal.

A police spokesman said, "Officers are currently working with the SSPCA to locate the animal which may be injured."
Aye, that's Drongan fur ye. Even ferocious 300lb predators get chibbed.
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