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Cats. Feline funnies and other stuff.

Just had Lily & Oscar to the vet's for the second half of their vaccines.
Needed two cat baskets & only have one, so I walked up to the vet's & back for a loan this morning, thus giving purpose to my 4 mile walk.
Oscar pulled off a real whiny, crying, wriggling & hissing performance which meant he ended up getting TWO needles stuck in him, rather than one & he's back to sulking under the table in the front room.
Lily sat & purred all the way through hers...
the vet was behind me in the queue in Aldi today - I let him go in front of me as he only had organic eggs and organic parmesan
the vet was behind me in the queue in Aldi today - I let him go in front of me as he only had organic eggs and organic parmesan
Grovelling is not likely to reduce any bills.
Very soon . . . it will get very . . . very . . . "dusty", where you are . . . :( .

"He sees his owner's video in the smart phone. The owner died sometime ago . . . "

Looks like @Oddbod s cat Lily! ;)
Apart from being twice her size. :mrgreen:

Comment from the rather cute South African female vet about Oscar: "Gosh, he's huge!"
He does seem to have stretched somewhat of late, though he's still skinny, despite demolishing four pouches & a bowl of biscuit a day. Can't be worms, as that was sorted three weeks back, so I'm guessing it's all going into him becoming a lanky git for now.
They've always been small, probably from lack of food, it's a good job MrsHogg took a shine to them and started sly feeding them behind my back to start with. Once I found out, they got fed twice a day. ;)
Update on Sooty...

With the deadline of the vets looming in a couple of weeks we have been giving Sooty her meds direct into her mouth and then rewarding her with cream - she seems OK with the situation.

In fact, like most moggies on here she has decided that my laptop is her personal heating device and frequently plants herself on the keyboard and then looks at me as if to say "What??" Yesterday she stretched, opened her claws and proceeded to rip the "J" key off its mountings - it took me ages to try to re-attach as Sooty wouldn't shift off the bloody laptop.

Here she is claiming her territory:

Sooty 180918 (Copy).jpg

Meanwhile, the Beast Who Lives Upstairs (Poppy) is running around with elephant feet (paws) and generally being a pest.

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Just found out there is a sick bastard in the area (Fareham, Hants) who is dismembering cats and leaving the body parts on the cat owners doorstep.
If I ever found out who this sick c**t is I will be looking at prison time for GBH/attempted murder.
Nothing new since March, linked to the cases in Croydon Bastards been at it since 2014 :mad:
Ok, it's fake but this a very contented looking moggy.
She's a pretty little thing and a double X Ginger which is a bit unusual. Apparently has epilepsy and was found by daughter and adopted, so why wouldn't she be contented.
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