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I totally agree with the vet quoted in the article. It is important to be there for them. I only missed being there once. I was on vacation in Florida and the cat was boarding at the vets in Massachusetts. She (cat, not vet) was already blind in one eye due to kidney disease and the vet called to say she had gone blind in the other. The vet said she seemed very disoriented and confused and it seemed better to end her misery rather than wait a week for my return. Nice vet and kennel. If the dog side was not crowded they would always put both in the same enclosure at night so they could sleep together as they did at home.

I loved the clip posted with the man feeding hungry kittens.
Brought back memories of a neighbor whose small dachshund had 4 puppies and immediately the dog developed a condition (hypocalcemia??) that would kill her without a shot to stop lactation. This meant weeks of 2 hourly bottle feedings of the puppies. Any time I was at her house it was she would hand me a bottle and a pup and say "here David, feed one of them". I actually enjoyed feeding them. When we would take my son and her daughter to play in kids ice hockey games she would bring the pups and pup milk in a big tote bag and we would sit and watch the games while feeding pups. A benefit was that ice rinks are cold and holding warm puppies keeps your hands warm.
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