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I think that there is one meow too many there. I said to our boy 'Is there one too many meows there, you should know?'

He said....'Me? Ow?'

Oh, a small voice has just said 'Here's your taxi, off you f*ck.'


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Elvis has acquired a.scratch on his face. Three parallel from across his nose and under his right eye. The other half saw him coming in with blood on his face. But he hasn't been skittish or afraid of going out. Quite the opposite. So I guess he won that fight.
Certainly do. In the US the same ad. I wonder if cats have US/British accents.

I used to get Meow Mix all the time for the cats I had 10 years ago. When my son was at McGill University in Montreal we went up to visit him. The supermarket had Meow Mix same as the US but with different packaging. The Quebec bags of "Meow Mix Nouriture pour les Chats" came in a bag with a picture of two cats sitting at a cafe with the Eiffel Tower in the background and a tuxedo cat waiter bringing bowls of food. The wife thought it was cute so we would always stock up in Montreal at the Provigo near his apartment.
I remember going through customs. "Anything to declare?" "Yes, two cartons of Marlboro's and 4 2kg bags of cat food" Customs guy probably thought (quite rightly) that we were a bit odd. Montreal TV had the same commercial. Sounded the same but the subtitles were in French. Had to be a Francophone cat that did the recording.
Jaydude is back, Tambo the ****** seems quite chilled, for a change.
I look forward to her stuffing her face in my armpit when I kark it.
Jaydude can crack on not using cameras on stag.
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