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Mixed day for the recent arrivals, with Lily spending half the day under one of the kitchen units (I really must get the kick boards cut, mitred & fitted...) after Oscar managed to bring down the parlour window's net curtain on both of them.
He's still sulking somewhat but Lily's spent the past couple of hours in the desk drawer "nest" next to my elbow & purring like mad.
Have they settled down?
woo hoo Kashmir just used the cat flap to go out :)
Have they settled down?
Still prefer the front room to roaming the house & Lily was hiding again this morning, then she jumped up into the desk drawer "nest" & spent an hour resting her chin on my elbow & walking across the keyboard.
Funnily enough, Oscar's the one who hasn't spent much time looking around.
He does really like having his tum scratched.
Going to call the vet tomorrow to arrange MOT's for both of them.
@Bravo_Bravo -
We are still waiting to see how your friends cat with the lump made out, any news??
Lily killed her first mouse in the house last night.

The little sod's prehensile tail flipped my half full pint glass of IPA over, right on top of my wireless mouse & deaded it completely.

Today she's spent half an hour curled up on my lap & purring her head off.
Oscar's stretched out in the front window doing his favourite thing; having a nap.


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Back on my knees again. This time she's trapped my right arm as a chin rest.
Sounds like @BossHogg was right, she is an affectionate one and so early on, lucky you.
My two girls can be affectionate but usually only when they want something.

Nice one for what you did, it must be a relief for them to feel wanted and secure again.
I for one feel mightily relieved that this has turned out well :biggrin:
She's obviously comfortable with her new home, as she's just puked up on the hall floor. :mrgreen:
She obviously loves and respects you.
If she didn't she would have puked on the pillows, sheets and the dry-clean-only duvet.

To avoid any disagreement, I open two identical flavoured pouches from the same box, put half of each pouch in each bowl & mix.
Oscar leaps upon the nearest bowl, sniffs it, attempts to bury it, then moves to the other bowl & starts scoffing the content.
Lily goes to the bowl rejected by buggerlugs & pretty much polishes it clean.

Typical felines.
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