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Take the cat to a vet and explain financial situation most vets will allow you to pay in installments
Thank you, I've had a couple of PMs one of which said much the same, one made some comment as to what the lump could be.
Perhaps someone could advise on a dog with a wasp sting on it's paw. Someone's suggesting asking on this thread.
This used to be a fun and interesting thread ....


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How odd that you don't seem to have noticed anything at all mong buttony from your chum.

I'd not read the thread, I just button the button basher when he button bashes.

You decided to take exception to this (very noble, I'm sure) and tagged me in a post. I replied, you got very angry. You kept on quoting or tagging me, and I kept on replying, which made you even angrier.

My next door neighbours cat is ill, and as you'd so kindly drawn my attention to this thread, thought I'd ask the question I did.

Which really, really annoyed you.

I had a couple of PM replies, one from Tappet and A N Other which seems to have really, really, really annoyed you.

You even got sweary abusive,.

Which is quite amusing, really.

If you can move on, so can I. Over to you.
Just be the bigger man and ignore any button bashing. It's not like it's a life or death matter, it's just pixels.


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Point taken.

But before I retire there is just one more thing because there always is...

Bravo will be back to tell us that the cat is terminal or dead.
And it will be all our* fault because we were such heartless basterds to disbelieve him when he was trying to be such a good neighbour and cat lover.
Remember where you heard it first and I eagerly await the inevitable mong buttoning from our resident hero.

I'm done and let us hope that normal service can now be resumed.

*That's me and anybody who might have 'liked' my posts.
Jeeves update.

He's still playing the 'look at me, I'm a poor starving little injured cat' card for all he's worth, but apart from twitching when anything flies anywhere near him he's back to normal.
That's also the trick played by young daughters on fathers. The question is, who came up with it first?
Cats without a shadow of a doubt.

He (and the other 2 because they can't really be left out) is reaping the benefits of his 'invalid' diet of chicken, cod and tuna with occasional bacon snacks until he's completely recovered :)
Side order of Go Cat?
If we're having side orders cat style I'll have Marmite on toast please.. It was certainly appreciated by that large thing of mine called Harley, the only real problem being that he didn't really know he was a cat even though he was in charge.
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