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Shortly after my wife and I moved into our first home she gave me a cat for Christmas so I named her (cat, not wife) Merry Christmas.

Think about yelling that from your porch in July!!
Posted in the Taiwan Crazy Cat Club forum with the simple title 報復 (revenge).

What happens next?
In my case, as the little shit got older she got more cunning.
She would lie on the couch and wait for the dog to walk past. As he went past she would reach out one paw and belt him up the bum.
That cat was a bundle of mischief and just oozed personality.
I'd wondered what this picture was all about

Cat and dog travel buddies capture hearts
Best friends Henry and Baloo have a lot in common - they have both been rescued and now enjoy long walks in the great outdoors. What makes them special to their many fans is that they are a dog and cat travelling duo.
It does look like a dog in a fur hat.
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Lumi the kitten has figured out how to open a box of dreamies, just knock it off the kitchen worksurface.
Both he and Freyja are now sleeping the sleep of painfully full bellies.
Dillinger has started to explore the outside world and he loves it. He doesn't use the cat flap yet so I just leave the back door open for him. He's a bit funny in that about once a hour he comes back into the house, walks up to me chirping away until I acknowledge him then he goes back to carry on with his outside adventure.

Since Loki died Lenin has got very grumpy with him with triple paw strikes to his head although the claws are not used just the pad. Dillinger of course takes no notice whatsoever of him which winds him up more.
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