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Aki got a solid C pass on the trainasium this evening.


Milling with Charlie didn't go so well...


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I realise this could break the internet because I’m certain I’m not alone on this. How many alternate names do your cats have?

Broccoli: B Puss, Brocks, Black Death (a real killer), Benefits Cat (he drops in once a week for food).

Nugget: El Bastardo (first act of larceny as a kitten was licking out a pan of Spanish Chicken paella), Nuggs, Nig Nog, Noodle, Lord Von Noodlitz (ideas way above his station), Nuggletto (from my daughter having seen the long, leggy rangy cats in Italy which he strongly resembles)

Juno: JB (Juno Bean, after Bean, my other daughter’s nick name, she’s her cat), PK (Pretty Kitty), Miss Bitch (she runs the place)

Logan: Logie Bear (he’s huge), LGBT (Logan Great Big Tabby), Alzheimer’s Puss (he’s 21 and losing it slowly), Thudnut (just plods along in the slow lane, always has done)

Over to you!
Biscuit: Biscueto, Biscuit e bobbletops, bobbletopian, Fattacus cattacus parp, parp monster, saggy baggy tw@ and incontinent bastartd!

Oh and 'The insistent one'
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I saw the strangest thing the other day and again tonight at a taverna on Zakynthos.
A three legged cat.
It was running around quite happily from table to table getting her nightly feed. Very timid but she came quite close to us after some chicken and beefburger.



It may be overcast and a little bit cooler but it’s still muggy and muggy makes moggy sleepy

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