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BeeGee can go from give me a rub mode to full on assassin at an unbelievable speed. Talk about biting the hand that feeds her. There's no warning just sudden pain as the teeth are set in and the front paws claw are ripped into the flesh. Last week I lost a large chunk of skin from the back of my hand.

Strangely she seems happy enough. I haven't encroached on her space or tried to corner her in any way. Any moves come from her side. One thing I've found is that she doesn't purr. I wonder if she has ever been socialised with people. Oh well I'll be wearing a glove for a while and we'll see how things develop.
Remember to stay sober, when assembling your cat



If we want peace and free laps so we can read or whatever, we pop the YouTube for Cats on.
Birds feeding and generally twittering around. Sorts it every time.

Birdy bingeing seems too exhausting;)..they sleep for hours.
Atta boy!:D
He was actually sat next to the fence with the dog putting his paw through trying to grab him, but the crafty sod was just far enough away so the dog couldn't reach him. He casually walked away when he saw me pull up in the car. I left the swine sunbathing in the back garden when I nipped out to the shops.

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I had a cat who would watch F1 with me; her brother kept going around the back of the TV to see what we were looking at. He didn't get mirrors either.
When Pot Black on TV used to be a thing, we had a cat that used to sit in front of the TV mesmerised watching the balls roll around.

Whenever a ball went down the pocket he'd swipe under the TV to catch it. He fully expected a ball to drop out of the bottom of the TV.

Watching him was more entertaining than watching the snooker.

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