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Yesterday I was bothered by two persistent house flies whilst Loki slept off a night of energetically bothering everyone!
I thought this isn’t on so woke him up and held onto him until the flies showed up again. He chased one for less than a minute and went straight back to sleep the little sh1tbag


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Simons Cat - the Origin story!

Owner laughs at cat trying to get down from tree. Cat marks owner for destruction later.

Although I am hardly sylph-like myself, that is one fat cat!
Another unexpected afternoon visit from Bertie.

It's been so cold and wet all day I lit the fire at lunchtime. Jeeves decided to stay downstairs in the warm stretched out by my shoulder.

Usually if Madam comes in while I'm on the sofa she will jump up on the arm nearest my feet. get behind me and curl up at the back of my knees. Not today, she jumped down in front of my legs and stretched out nearer the warmth of the fire, hissed at Jeeves amiably and went to sleep happily

Randy Felcher

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Betty's stepmother reports that she continues to grow and is a very self-assured young lady.


Meanwhile, drama at my place this morning because Shani's a 'the bowl is half-empty' kind of person and was complaining about it to me.

And that's not even her bowl. I put it on top of the fridge for Sally so she could eat in peace.



Always best when you pick it yourself.



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I’ve just started on Netflix but apparently they’re not shown in the order made.
Apparently there’s one with the same ‘feature’ (no spoilers for those that haven’t watched it), that’s actually meant to be shown before the one I mentioned.
I don't think it detracts from any of the stories if they aren't watched in a particular order. If you've seen all of the first series, you'll still "get it"!
Apart from the Robots 1st ep, my favourite has to be "home automation". The wee dog!