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rather hot today, but Teddy managed to find himself a cool spot
teddy in a flower pot.jpg


"OK you have the mat, I'll have the box"



Mousing is the Sport of Kings, much more fun than bloody Wendyball........

Sky TV, Saturday afternoon...... 6 sofas, six mice, and 6 psychotic pussy-cats.

Funny as hell when one of our younger cats would bring in a mouse, with that particular wowl....... they'd get all settled down to torture it, and the little bugger would scuttle under the sofa.
Major trauma hereabouts. The grass field behind us has been cut to about 1/2” for hay and bailed. With it went the local rodent population and a variety of dappled shade lounging spots. All cats accounted for Thankfully.

Whilst it grows back / repopulates we can expect anything that moves such as toes, hair, curtains etc. to get shredded and all duvets etc. needing to be held vertically and vigorously shaken to dislodge livestock before human use.


A couple of cat videos for ya:

First is a Snapchat compilation:

The second one is one of my favourite online cats, Shorty.

cat blood.jpg
Just testing out the slow motion on my go pro. This is shot at the lowest quality setting so I get get 240 frames per second. I'll try a higher quality setting with 120 frames per second next time.

Kittens should be available on the NHS.

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