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The difference between cats and dogs...

Shit, they've learned how to use tools!



The Vet reckoned that Coco was bitten (by.....?) a couple of times, She had an antibiotic injection and a painkiller, and something to go in her food. She was not happy about going in a basket, and after checking that she had come back the the right place, she had a nibble then returned upstairs to her morning rest.

Must contact the insurance company.
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That's a pretty kitty. :)
She's put on a lot of weight since she first appeared and although I doubt she'll ever be a lap cat, she's a lot more relaxed about things.

I suspect she has a sense of humour. ! went up the garden earlier to collect her food bowl and check on the go cat and she suddenly appeared on the fence without a sound, she seemed to find it amusing when I jumped

Finally managed to set my computer skills to "non-spaz" and upload it. I present, our overlord the Furry Psycho.

Specialist skills -
  • scratching and biting when dissatisfied with service
  • haring around for no reason at 3 in the morning
  • scratching the wallpaper
  • coming off worse in fights with local cats

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